Barbecues - Where They Began

Approximately one million years ago Homo erectus first tasted barbecued meat. It wouldn’t have been like any barbecue we know today and more than likely a lovely, tender piece of meat would simply have been dumped onto a blazing fire.

As time progressed man discovered that smoked food rather than burnt food not only tasted better but stayed fresher for longer. Cooking implements like spits were used to suspend the meat over the fire and by the start of the Iron Age slotted grates similar in style to a modern day grill were developed.

Believe it or not, Leonardo da Vinci also had a talent for cooking with his adventures into the world of rotisserie mechanisms. His design did away with the traditional human-powered version and used the heat from the fire to spin a fan which in turn rotated the food.

In the past barbecues were usually reserved for special occasions such as weddings and parties but these days all it takes is a sunny day and you have the perfect excuse to de-cobweb the patio furniture, fill the already leaking paddling pool and blast out some Agadoo.

Barbecues - Advancements in Technology

These days a barbecue isn’t just a chunk of charred meat pulled from a fiery inferno, they’re so much more and have so many ingenious variations on this traditional style of cooking.

First up you’ve got the classic barbecue. They’re most commonly available in a gas or charcoal form and to this day they’re still causing summer-long arguments over which produces the most tender treats. They can benefit from built-in thermostats (so you know when you’re steaks are cooked to perfection!), to cast iron grills for durability, to extremely important safety features like propane gas regulators.

Don’t think it’s all about the original barbecues though. You can now buy specially adapted smokers and pizza ovens too. Pizza ovens contrary to popular belief won’t just cook delicious pizzas, you can use them for a whole host of culinary delights including fish, meat, bread or jacket potatoes.

Smoker barbecues do work a little differently, the food is positioned away from the direct source of heat and wood is burnt to create smoke which in turn cooks the food, and as we all know the slower the cook, the tastier the feast.

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