Barbecue Accessories

You can’t have a barbecue without a set of reliable tools to help. Even before you cook you need assistance in the form of Barbecue Fuel & Lighting Equipment to get that glorious fire going. These normally come in the form of heat blocks or firelighters.

Once the fire is ablaze you’ll need something to manage the meat. Our barbecue cooking utensils range is second to none and you’ll have everything you’ll possible need with the Landmann 13 Piece Tool Set.

Finally the barbecue is over, it’s cooled down and now clean. Dig out the cover and keep your cooker in pristine condition until the next family gathering.

  1. Barbecue Cooking Utensils

    To channel your inner barbecue connoisseur you need to have the right tools for the job. Here you'll find everything from Pizza Paddles to Spatulas to make your cooking experience as easy as it can be.

    From £4.97
    with 6 choices

    Barbecue Cooking Utensils
  2. Covers

    Take care and prolong the life of your outdoor heating and cooking appliances with a heavy-duty cover. They'll protect your barbecue, firepit or chimenea from the elements all year round, rain or shine.

    From £7.49
    with 20 choices

  3. Barbecue Fuel & Lighting Equipment

    Get your Chimenea up to temperature fast with a helping hand during ignition. Heatbloxs should be a staple part of every Chimeneas diet.

    From £5.97
    with 1 choices