Is it really necessary to cover your Barbecue, Chiminea or Pizza Oven with a Cover?

If you’ve ever had a cover for your barbecue, chiminea or pizza oven then you more than likely know of the struggles to get the cover to fit correctly so everything is protected from the elements. You’re sure that it’s the wrong size for your barbecue because no matter which way you try to get it on, it just won’t fit! Even though it was supplied straight from the manufacturer so you know it’s compatible…

You’ve probably found yourself thinking “Is this really necessary? I’m sure it’ll be fine until next year...” Well you might be right and all is fine or you might be wrong and the rust has taken over. The life of your barbecue without a cover does generally depend on a number of factors and after reading this you might decide to get yourself a cover or use the one you’ve got anyway.

Your barbecues biggest enemy is going to be rust and moisture and iron mixed together produces this, sometimes in abundance. Now no cover guarantees to keep your barbecue completely free from the elements as none of them will completely seal out all moist air but depending on where you live moisture levels may be lower than other places around the globe, for example a barbecue in South Africa will most likely last longer than a barbecue over here in the UK.

The best way to slow down the rusting process is with a good quality cover, they’ll normally have some straps or pull toggles to minimise air getting to your grill. A good quality cover can make a huge difference especially if you live somewhere with particularly damp winters.

Another factor to consider before spending money on a good cover is the quality of barbecue you have. If it’s cost you 20 quid then chances are it’s not worth spending the money to protect it but I’ve you’ve gone the whole hog and spent 10 or 20 times that on something to impress your family and friends then you’re going to want it to last.

Protecting chimineas is always a good idea. If they’re clay then getting them wet will dramatically reduce their lifespan and even with a cast-iron version rust will still start to appear after a few uses because the paint will start to crack. To protect them use a cover and make sure to repaint them after a few uses as this is also a valuable layer of protection.

Lastly you pizza ovens. Chances are if you’ve got a pizza oven then you’ve probably spent some hard earned cash on it so without a doubt get yourself a cover for it.