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Barbecue Covers

Having a great barbecue is fantastic as long as you’ve got an equally good cover to go with it. The last thing you want to do is invest in a top of the range barbecue for it to rust before you get to use it again next year.

Don’t be conned into thinking you only need to worry during the winter either as you probably know as well as we do that British summers aren’t exactly dry all the time and you never know when a pesky seagull might have a sudden urge to go….

Avoid these nuisances and make sure you’ve got yourself covered!

  1. Landmann Kettle Barbecue Cover

    Landmann Kettle Barbecue Cover

  2. Outback Cover To Fit Excel/Omega BBQ

    Outback Cover To Fit Excel/Omega BBQ

  3. Landmann Small Barbecue Cover

    Landmann Small Barbecue Cover

  4. landmann-kentucky-smoker-cover

    Landmann Kentucky Smoker Cover

  5. landmann-medium-premium-barbecue-cover

    Landmann Medium Premium Barbecue Cover

  6. Outback Hunter & Spectrum 3 Burner Hooded Cover

    Outback Hunter & Magnum 3 Burner Hooded Cover

  7. Landmann Rexon Extra Large Barbecue Cover

    Landmann Rexon Extra Large Barbecue Cover