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Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal BBQs are the most popular choice of cooking food outdoors and we have a wide selection that has been specially selected for every need. Whether you are looking to build your own barbecue, put up a quick one for a park picnic or hosting a family bbq on the patio you will find something for every event.

  1. Patio Barbecues

    Patio Barbecues are the ideal way to cook alfresco on a budget. They require limited space and usually cater for up to 4 or 5 people. So if you simply want some sausages fast you're in the right place.

    From £21.21
    with 6 choices

    Patio Barbecues
  2. Smoker Barbecues

    Smokers have always been huge in The States and have been slowly making their way to our shores. They aren't about quick barbecue food but slow, tender and scrumptious cuisine.

    From £164.03
    with 1 choices

    Smoker Barbecues
  3. Built in Barbecues

    Channel your inner DIY expert with a Built-In Barbecue. Usually supplied as a grill and ash tray with the freedom to create whatever design you'd like.

    From £27.02
    with 1 choices

    Built in Barbecues


Landmann Taurus 660 Black Charcoal Trolley Barbecue

Best BBQ ever

What a gem of a BBQ !.Bought this as a present for family.What a solid piece of wobbly wheels that feel as though it will collapse at any moment.Definitely a two person job to put together.Do not tighten the nuts more than finger tight until the job is finished as this will allow movement when mounting the drum base onto the frame and aligning the holes.Light two hours before wanting to start cooking when all coals will be gray in colour.


Landmann 0630 Cast Iron Barrel Barbecue


easy to assemble but we had kept the longer legs from a previous bbq and swapped them for the short legs supplied,dont have to bend over so much even though its placed on a brick and paving slab perfectly and have cooked for about 10 people easily. bbq rack easy to clean and adjustable height is perfect to help control temperature of cooking

kate toone-jackson

Landmann 0528 DIY Barbecue

Excellent product

Really pleased with the product, does exactly what I want it to do. Had a few delivery issues due not the fault of BBQ barbecues but their customer service team were fantastic in sorting it our for me. Due to the customer service (Mary) I would definitely use this company again.

Symon Cooke

Landmann Kentucky Smoker

Good value entry level smoker

I bought this and am pretty pleased with it. You can use it as a smoker or as a traditional smoker. The grilles are heavier than what you would normally get on a BBQ, and seem better quality. The steel of the main construction is reasonably heavy and has a quality feel. Overall it's pretty sturdy and it's not a huge investment for someone that wants to get into the next level of barbecues. Also you can get a custom made cover for it.

John Stratton

Landmann 0543 Tripod Barbecue

Great for something like beach BBQ

Great BBQ, easy to use, if I had two issues it would be, it's difficult to turn things over if they're a bit sticky like ribs due to the rack turning. The other thing was losing sausages as the bars are quite wire spaced they kept falling through. On the plus side controlling the temperature was really easy as you lift or lower the cooking rack.