Barbecue for the Beast Lovers – Aubergines, Courgettes, Haloumi & More Recipes

Although meat is generally the focus of a barbecue, many vegetarians feel left out as they are offered side salad or a roasted corn on the cob that’s been grilled on the same plate as the steak.

By feeding the veggies first, you can make sure they’re happy with their food before starting in the serious subject of meat for the carnivores.

There are many vegetarian ways to have a good barbecue, and using the same dressing or marinade you would for the pork, chicken or fish, you can quickly and cheaply make vegetable orders that even the meat lovers will adore.



Aubergines are a wonderful barbecue food as they soak up the smoky aroma of the coals and display the grill marks perfectly. Slice lengthways first and then sprinkle with salt and leave to drain n a colander for thirty minutes. This will ensure the natural moisture from the eggplant doesn’t put out the barbecue flames you have been trying all day to smoulder.

Brush with a little dressing, lemon and herb or garlic and tomato and place on the grill toasting each side for just a few minutes before serving to guests.

Roasted like this these can also be mashed and turned into a delicious dip for meat.



Courgettes should be treated exactly like aubergines, however roast for a little longer.



Haloumi known as the squeaky cheese is a perfect meat substitute for vegetarians. Brush with oregano and chilli and grill for one to two minutes.



To add a touch of colour, use all the peppers of the rainbow. Sweet peppers filled with feta cheese will roast marvellously on the barbecue, whilst chilli peppers filled with cream cheese and basil will add a much welcome touch of spice.



Not only does Quorn taste like chicken it can also be purchased in fake bacon and sausage form. This is so popular that even the carnivores love a vegetarian hotdog without ever missing the juicy stuff.



Although dismissed by many tofu’s should not be underestimated, if left to marinade for an hour in a variety of flavours there will be a spectrum of a feast that will be hard to ignore. Serve with green salad leaves and avocado for a tropical touch.

Other fruits and vegetables roast well on the BBQ too such as tomatoes, pineapple, asparagus and onions. The possibilities are quite simply endless! Try a gas barbecue for the ultimate taste.