Catering Tips for Vegetarians at Your Barbecue

Some people think that a barbecue for vegetarians is quite simply an oxymoron, as the very nature of the grill combines our primeval instincts of fresh meat over fire.

However, when hosting a barbecue there is usually one vegetarian, it would be mean to leave them out of the fun just because of their culinary tastes.

Some people think the side salads are more than enough, with a bread bun, some relish and a block of cheese your vegetarian may not complain-at least whilst you’re in hearing distant. If you want to be the host with the most you must aim to cater for all of your guests and this means providing tasty food across the board.

Some vegetarian foods will also be coveted by the meat eaters so make sure you buy more than you need as you’ll be surprised how well these are received.
Make sure you cook the vegetarian food first as once the meat hits the grill no veggie will be happy eating sweet corn drizzled in steak fat (even if we would adore it).

Fish for Pescarians

Some vegetarians will eat fish, so try to buy those that stand up well on a grill. Flaky fish may fall apart when turned however salmon, scallops, langoustines, prawns and even octopus are all great barbecue fodder.

Veggies for the Veggies

The trick to being the best host is showing that you’ve taken the time to go out of your way. Many vegetarians cringe when yet another stuffed pepper is produced or a goats cheese and red onion tart. Try making your own veggie burgers using the mix you can buy at the supermarket or simply by combining boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions and celery in a food processor and binding with egg before popping on the barbecue.

Other favourites include corn on the cob, sweet peppers, stuffed chillies (simply use garlic and herb Philadelphia to stuff the chillies and grill for a minute each side), grilled aubergines (sprinkle with salt half an hour before cooking to remove excess water or you barbecue may just go out!)Also try asparagus, artichokes and pineapple.

Meat Substitutes

There are many meat substitutes you can buy that grill well on a barbecue (try a gas barbecue for delicious food!). These include sausage, burgers, chicken fillets and even streaky bacon. So if all else fails, opt for Linda McCartney, she’ll make sure your guests are pleased. Couple with a few beers and the carnivores may not also notice the difference between the two.