DIY Barbecue Sausages

Nothing screams traditional barbecue fare like the sausage. The sausage, the banger, the sizzler; however these days barbecue enthusiasts are becoming despondent with some of the sausage that they used to pick up from the supermarkets. Flavourless, thin and packed with whom knows what; these sausages are far from tasty. The alternative for those of you who are looking for something better is to get “proper” sausages from your local butcher (also supporting local trade) or you could of course make your own.

Don’t dismiss making your own sausages straight away. Many shop bought sausages contain waste meats, cereals and fat fillers; making your own sausage guarantees that you know what is included in your banger and is obviously going to be tastier.

What you put in your homemade sausage is entirely up to you, experimenting with herbs and spice amongst other ingredients is all part of the fun. Provided you use quality ingredients it is almost impossible to make a “bad” sausage.

When making your own sausages you need certain equipment. First of all you need a meat grinder. There are many grinders on the market which vary in price from reasonable to fashionable but extortionate. Which grinder you decide for is up to you, just make sure it gives you the option of course and fine grinding. If you can find one, a hand grinder works just as well as a mechanical one.

You will also need sausage casings which you can pick up from your local butcher, online and from numerous different stores. You may find them as “hog casings”. Aside from a grinder and cases you need a sausage stuffer or a clever and less expensive sausage stuffer. If you plan to make sausages regularly then a stuffer is the way to go.

Once you have what you need equipment-wise it is a case of grinding your meat and ingredient and stuffing your sausages. Once done you will be able to pop them on the barbecue and tell your guests that you have made them yourself. For any barbecue enthusiast this is the next step in creating new recipes and barbecued foods to pop on the charcoal or gas barbecue. Remember to leave your sausages to settle and expand, overnight if possible before serving. With this in mind, sausage making before a big barbecue is best done before the event. Of course, there is no reason why you can’t batch sausage stuff and freeze.

After going to the effect of making your own bangers, don’t spoil the process by not cooking them properly. Pricking sausages simply releases tasty juices; instead sizzle sausages on a lower heat and turn regularly in order to ensure that they are properly cooked through.

Once you’ve made your sausages, cooked them properly and enjoyed a bit of showing off, make sure that you don’t let the side down and prepare your own fantastic sauces to go with your sausages. Bottles of ketchup and pots of mustard are great however homemade sauces always tastes significantly better and will better compliment whatever flavoured sausages you make.

Making your own sausages will open your eyes to a whole new world of flavour combinations so why not give it a try?