Don’t vex if you’re vegan when it comes to barbecuing! – Baked Feta, Garlic Bread & Avocado Potato Salad Recipes

Everyone loves a barbecue and the sense of enjoyment eating outdoors with friends brings. And that includes vegans. Yes, even though the traditional image of a barbecue is someone tucking into a freshly-grilled steak, hotdog or skewered chicken, the non-flesh eaters can also have a wonderful foodie time. So how come?

Well, forget grilled corn or baked potatoes, today’s vegans no longer get a raw deal. They can, in fact, tuck into such delights as marinated and seared tofu sticks, baked feta cheese in foil and even vegan garlic bread. And we’re going to show you how to make some of those lovely eats below.


Baked feta in foil

This is almost an embarrassingly simple dish to make. Just get one onion, one green and one red pepper and finely slice. Place the vegetables in four pieces of foil (divide equally) then place a lump of feta cheese on top. Pour some olive oil on top and sprinkle the mix with a selection of mixed herbs. All you do now is bundle up the packages and grill on the barbecue for 15 minutes or so. Easy!


Vegan garlic bread

Get a ciabatta and cut it in half. Spread dairy free over both sides and sprinkle over a crushed clove of garlic and mixed herbs. Wrap in tinfoil and heat on the barbecue for at least ten minutes (remembering to turn frequently). Again – easy!

Meanwhile, cooking vegan isn’t just all about the food. For instance it’s crucial to make sure you’re embracing the proper cooking etiquette. And this involves using an awful lot of tinfoil – every time you cook in fact! To ensure fat doesn’t get onto the veg from the hamburgers or pork you may be cooking carnivorous friends, it’s good practice to grill them on tinfoil. That way you can just dispose of the tinfoil prior to cooking your vegan friend’s eats.

When it comes to alcohol you don’t have to worry too much as all beer is vegan (except Guinness). You do have to check with wines and spirits though and forget anything that has red food colouring in it such as Campari.

Meanwhile, why not push the boat out a bit and take a look at the new vegan meat substitutes on the block? This includes seitan (wheat proteins), tofu (bean curd and which admittedly has been around for decades) and tempeh (soy beans). These are usually found in health stores – although recently it’s been possible to buy tofu in supermarkets. They’re easy to cook, especially in skewers with tomatoes, peppers and courgette chunks.

You can also serve plenty of easy vegan appetisers such as corn chips with salsa, hummus with crudités and dairy-free condiments. Alternatively toast some pitta bread and spread with flavoured or plain dairy-free spread. Use indirect heat from a gas barbecue to perfectly toast your pittas.


Vegan Avocado Potato Salad

Ingredients – 2lbs potatoes cut into chunks, 2 avocados, 2tbls lime juice, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 red onion

Directions – cook potatoes then set aside. Cut the avocado in two and remove seed then blend in a food processor. Add lime juice, some salt and a touch of cayenne pepper. Once blended smooth add the tomato and a bit of onion and chop a bit. Next add to the potatoes then chop in the cucumber. Delicious!