How to Cook Sweetcorn an a Barbecue

Cooking sweetcorn on a barbecue is quick and easy. There are plenty of options and the results are fantastic whichever way you choose to cook this vegetable al fresco.

Sweetcorn is one of the sweetest and most versatile vegetables available and is perfect for cooking on the barbecue, especially on a warm summer’s day. You can serve corn on the cob whole or in slices; and even cook the kernels loose by stripping back the leaves and silky threads, standing stalk-end down on a chopping board and carefully slicing the kernels off using a sharp knife.

The method of cooking you choose will depend on how you like your sweetcorn. For example, you can cook directly over the flames for a chargrilled taste and sweet burst or in foil with the corn coated in a delicious marinade for a more aromatic experience.

One of the best ways of cooking sweetcorn on a BBQ is by using its leaves as a protective shield and slowly grilling the vegetable. You can do this by pulling back the leaves and removing the silky threads before replacing the leaves and soaking the corn in cold water. Give it a good soaking, drain but don’t dry – you want the leaves to be nice and wet when the corn goes on the grill – and place on the barbecue. The dampness of the sweetcorn and leaves prevents it catching fire and creates steam. Leave to cook until tender, remove the husks and serve how you wish – a bit of butter and salt and pepper always go down a treat!

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous with the barbecue or like a bit of spice on your corn on the cob, Jamie Oliver has an excellent recipe you could try. Similar to the above method, you leave the corn in the husks, soak in water and place on the barbecue. Close the lid to effectively steam the corn for around 20 minutes, which will also add a nice smoky flavour.

While the corn cooks, finely chop some chilli and grate some goats’ cheese, and place on a plate. On a separate plate, add a knob of butter. When ready, open the barbecue lid for the last bit of barbecuing as the extra heat this creates will burn off the husks. To serve, simply remove the corn from the grill, cut the ends off, roll in the butter and then roll in the chilli and chees mix – and enjoy while still hot!

If you’re keen to avoid adding butter to your corn, and this is easy enough as corn is naturally so sweet tasting, pre-boil the sweetcorn until tender and then cook directly on the barbecue until the kernels are a beautiful golden brown colour.

Alternatively, you can add an array of different flavours to corn on the corn by wrapping the vegetable in foil first. A simple but tasty recipe is to add a bit of butter, herbs, salt and pepper, and cooked the foil-wrapped corn with its husks off on the barbecue for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can experiment with various spices, but a delicately flavoured corn complemented by a smoky edge always goes down a treat.

What’s your favourite way of cooking sweetcorn on the barbecue?

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