How your Barbecue can Sell your Home!

It may not seem like the season for moving house or having a barbecue season, however, on a personal note, this week my family and I invested in a new abode.
The reason I mention this is twofold, we secured the property for a much lower price due to the time of year, and the BBQ area contributed to our decision.
Many people reading would find it hard to believe that a barbecue can sell a house, however, I’m living proof that it can. I’ve absolutely no idea if this area was built with the sale of the house in mind, but it made me realise that in this country we all underestimate the power of al fresco dining.
Let me set the scene, pulling up to the barn conversion we’re greeted by entrances to tunnels made from hedges, and as wide sleeper steps draw us towards a bay leaf arch, we wander round gravelled paths, each one emerging into a clearing with a feature, a bench, a love seat, a tree house, a pond, all different, and all positioned perfectly so as to appreciate the views of the vale of York.
After being led to the greenhouses and the vegetable patch, we duck (my husband is very tall) under a russet leaved hedge following the path lined with rosemary and thyme, brushing past them whilst they tickle our senses and release their fragrance. Already we’re chatting about having lamb for Sunday lunch with thyme roasted potatoes, and honeyed parsnips, then as the path turns to parsley we emerge into the final clearing, in the centre of which is a huge barbecue.
Picnic benches surround it, and purpose built beds to each side are abundant with strawberries, artichokes and oregano, in arms reach for the cook, ready to pick and add flavour to the meat.
The walls surrounding the secret enclosure are painted a Mexican pink, which already, despite it being the end of November, makes us feel warm and reminds us of summers abroad.
It’s clear from the setting that the previous owner like to be the star of the show, and already I can envisage my husband with a cold beer, chatting to family as they watch him cook the meat their appetites already whetted with the secret journey that afforded them with scents that remind them of the traditional Sunday Roast.
We move in in a week and already we’ve decided that our first weekend lunch will be cooked on the barbecue, (minus the Yorkshire puddings), proving that no matter what the weather, showcased the right way, a barbecue really can make a house a home.

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