From a Fan: The Roquefort & Ruby Port Reduction Barbecue Burger Recipe

One of the great things about the internet – apart from being us being unable to operate as a business if it didn’t exist, of course – is how it allows us to get close to not just our customers, but a community of thousands of barbecue lovers from around the world. Through the medium of social networks, including the ever-updating Twitter and where-everyone-and-their-nan-is Facebook, we can interact with those that want to talk about their favourite barbecue recipes, how they cook their meat and other great pieces of advice than any aspiring barbecue chef could ever want to know. Just because we’re a UK-based company that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to talk to those outside our customer base, as they’re always giving us great ideas that we can try ourselves and share with the rest of you.

One of the best countries in which to glean valuable barbecue advice from is the gold old United States of America. We received a tweet from one US resident, James, asking if we’d like to share one of his recipes. As we’re always up for sharing the content of our followers, we of course agreed. We took one look at said recipe and thought it sounded pretty unique and tasty, so we asked James if he would kindly allow us to post it here. He agreed so here it is, and this one is well worth a bite! As James says it’s an ‘amazing combination of flavours’ so feel free to give this one a try and let us know what you think.


(Serves one)

Prep Time - 20 min

Cook Time - 6 min

Total Time - 26 min



  • 6 - 8 oz ground sirloin
  • 1 tbsp of unsalted butter
  • 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
  • 375ml of Ruby Port
  • Roquefort blue cheese
  • Brioche roll (Ciabatta roll works fine too)
  • Salt & pepper to taste



1. Combine the ground sirloin with a sprinkle of salt and pepper into a mixing bowl. While doing this have some butter melting in a pan, before adding that to the mixing bowl too. Shape the mixture into a burger patty.

2. While leaving the burger to sit, prepare the grill. Place an cast iron skillet over the heat and let the grill heat to the highest possible temperature. Keep checking the temperature to ensure it has reached its highest.

3. While you're waiting for the grill to heat up you can get on with turning the Ruby Port into the syrup by placing into a sauce pot and heating. This is the hardest part of this recipe, as it heats up pretty rapidly and you need to remove it from the heat at the right time or you'll end up with nothing, so keep a careful watch on it.

4. With your grill heated, add extra virgin olive oil to the iron skillet and close your grill. A medium rare burger will need to be turned over after no more than 4 minutes, while the opposite side should be cooked for no more than two and a half minutes.

5. Remove from the grill and whack the burger on the burn. You can then top it off with as much Roquefort cheese as you enjoy.

By James E. Smith


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