Barbecue Steak Recipes

Know your steaks, they aren't as rare as you might think!

Below are a selection of the most commonly found steaks. Know what you're ordering with this handy guide.

Rib eye steak
Rib eye is very tender and with a rich flavour. Sourced from the cow's rib section and best cooked medium rare to medium.

Sirloin steak
Sirloin is taken from the upper middle part of the cow. It's well marbled with fat and like the rib eye, very tender.

Fillet steak
The leanest of all steak cuts and of course the most tender. It is usually the most expensive mind.

T-bone steak
These are normally very large and come as part fillet and part sirloin. Tricky to cook as both parts cook in different times.

Rump steak
Rump steaks are taken from the lower back of the cow and are considered more flavoursome than other cuts.

It doesn't matter how high the steaks are but everyone knows they tastes best straight off a charcoal barbecue