Tips for the Best Barbecued Steak Around

Use a hairdryer to blow ash off red-hot chunks of hardwood and ‘spackle’ barbecued meat – those are just two of many tips invented and now recommended by celebrity chef Adam Perry Lang in his new book Charred & Scruffed: Bold new techniques for flavour on and off the grill.”

The grilling tomb is packed full of innovative ideas from the chef who roasted at top restaurants Le Cirque and Daniel before turning his attention to barbecue and grilling.

The hairdryer tip was one he uses to get a good crust on a piece of meat. He advises laying the meat on the charcoal having blow dried it clean of ash. “Instead of a long process of building up the crust,” he said, “this alternative superheats any melting fat, basting ingredients and juices and penetrates the meat with a blast of aromatized steam.”

The author of best-seller Serious Barbecue and the owner of Daisy May’s BBQ in Manhattan has also come up with the idea of ‘spackling.’ What this means is applying a finishing paste to the meat which focuses on one particular concentrated flavour such as dehydrated roasted red peppers.

He also uses a technique which he refers to as “scruffing.’ Again, what this involves is ‘roughing up’ the smooth surfaces of meat, fish etc to allow flavours to penetrate the protein better.

When cutting meat cooked straight from the grill the chef will save the juices that run from it and add herbs, spices and olive oil to it, then rub the meat in it again before taking it to the table so as not to lose a tiny drop of flavour.

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Mick Romney and his team enjoyed some impromptu barbecue food when their plane was grounded in Kansas earlier this week.

The plane the Republican hopeful and his team were on was forced to make an unscheduled stop at Kansas City International Airport after a plane crash at their Colerado destination.

And in order to keep spirits up and hunger pangs at bay, an order was called to Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue in Kansas.

Having said that, Romney isn’t the only presidential candidate to have sampled the delights of Kansas barbecued food. Both Bill Clinton and John Kerry have eaten at Gates and in fact a platter is actually named after the former president.

Arthur Bryant’s was the foodie destination for John McCain and Sarah Palin back in 2008 while Barack Obama has eaten on more than one occasion in the state’s Oklahoma Joe’s.

Pity they didn’t get grounded in Jackson, California otherwise they might have got their meal for free – well, if they had ordered from Dickey’s Barbecue anyway. The newly-opened restaurant were giving away a free pulled pork big barbecue sandwich to the first 100 customers who came through the door.

The franchise is being operated by Richard and wife Sherry Wolcott. Richard said: “Everyone has been very supportive about our decision to bring a Dickey’s to the area — this county needs a BBQ restaurant like ours.”

Dickey’s is the biggest barbecue franchise in America, having been operational since the 1940s.

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