Trend the Barbecue

Tis the season to be jolly – and while you sift through the party invitations all very similar to last years with maybe a few wishful A list ones thrown in, instead of dividing the piles into “yes please cant wait” and “so sorry – suitable excuse like chickenpox epidemic in family or bad bout of Atlantic Flu” piles, why not have a barbecue themed party yourself?

All the rage this year, the trend is to hold parties with a real theme either involving dressing up as superheroes or jungle animals and can easily be extended to your outside garden venue complete with deliciously matched foods.
Barbecue food cooking is so much simpler than serving from a kitchen, it is acceptable for the food to be cooked together and in little wrapped foil parcels, it is a delight to smell all the flavours of charcoal, spices and herbs mingling and filling the night air and adding a specific theme just makes it all the more easy – you only cook the foods which are linked to your subject and so you cut out the picky eaters and the expert barbecue chefs, because themed parties are your design and style and therefore your choice of dishes.

Of course the theme can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, go for a colour theme and as its the Christmas season invite everyone to your “Festive Red Barbecue” so guests are encouraged to dress in red clothing and the main colour in your choice of food follows the same colour, in this case take care not to go over the top and look like everything is drenched in tomato ketchup but you get the idea. Stuffed red peppers or tomatoes with anchovies, tasty red onion chutney, a whole world of colours can be experimented with and it doesn’t have to stop with the food.

Decorations, lights and all the trimmings can follow and if a colour theme is not for you why not try a particular country theme such as an “en France” barbecue complete with crusty French bread on the tables, strings of onions hanging around the garden and berets for all to wear or let your imagination go wild and choose a popular film and let your barbecue touch the red carpet limits with a Harry Potter theme and a magical touch. You can extend the whole night with linked games and interactive quizzes and everyone will soon forget about the cooler evening air when they are trying to perform a magic trick or answer a question on where Merlot really does come from in France, a little decorating and vision can create the barbecue every one will be talking about long into the new year.

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