Garden Lighting and Heating Tips For Barbecue Parties

As summer draws to a close and we head into September, the nights draw in and the temperature starts to cool, it’s time to take a few easy steps to get your garden ready for enjoyable barbecuing throughout the coming months.

You can prepare for your next barbecue party with these tips for brightening and warming your garden, ready for your guests. After all, we all love being outdoors and with some clever garden lighting and heating ideas you can continue cooking outdoors for longer.



Adding lighting to your garden not only looks great and enhances the atmosphere, but it serves a practical purpose too – you can see what you’re doing even after the sun has retreated! And it means guests are less likely to tumble between the BBQ and table too.

The more creative the better, as far as we’re concerned with outdoor lighting – and to get your ideas flowing, take a look at these options:

  • Place garden flares along the edge of your garden path, to literally light the way and add a sense of charm to the occasion. These are especially handy if you have a large garden and a long path.
  • Hang lanterns from trees or line borders and paths with these. You can buy fire-retardant paper lanterns which feature pretty patterns and graphics on the sides, and emit a gentle glow. It’s a good idea to weigh these down using a few stones or some gravel to stop the breeze taking them away. Or you can make your own lanterns using empty jam jars with candles inside, and wire around them so you can hang them.
  • Outdoor fairy lights look so pretty hung from trees or lining garden fencing.
  • Tea lights in jars can be placed on each of your garden steps to show the way as well as look snazzy.
  • To decorate your table and to shed light on the barbecued dishes, you could place a few scented candles in the middle – these are effective at keeping bugs away too. Or pop a few floating candles together with rose petals or rose heads in glass bowls for an impressive centre piece.



To keep your guests warm throughout the evening, especially once the barbecue has died down, why not try one of these options? Each one works well and offers a flexible solution to late-night barbecuing, staying warm while the food is being cooked or simply enjoying the fresh air after you’ve eaten.

  • Chimineas work well, and are available in gas and electric versions.
  • Outdoor fireplaces are pretty nifty for barbecues as you can move them where you want to, placing them near you as you tuck into the food. With these, there is no installation and you get a real flame look and feel but with no odour and a clean burn.
  • If you love a real fire, try a fire pit for burning logs outdoors. These are also good for toasting marshmallows after pudding – and you can even get ones with an in built grill for any last-minute cooking you and your guests want to do.