Heat up a Barbecue with Some Quality Outdoor Heating

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about having a barbecue in the winter. If you read that then you’ll know that cooking up some good old barbecued meat can be done when it’s chilly outside, although wrapping up warm is a requirement as you can’t rely on the heat from the barbecue to stay warm. However, recently I was at a friend’s house for a party, and while they had opted to make a buffet of food instead of putting on a barbecue we could all quite happily stand outside supping a few beers because they had a wonderful invention called a chiminea!

Honestly, standing near the patio heater in the teeth-chattering UK weather was pure heaven. Even after the sun went down we could still sit outside and have a nice chat without turning into human icicles. The question is though; where do you get such a luxury from? Well, you might be surprised to find out that BBQBarbecues doesn’t just do barbecues, but also does a variety of patio furniture that includes the aforementioned patio heaters.

There are range of different styles and sizes, but as long as you’ve got three feet clear around the heater and three feet clear above it you can put one as pride of place in your garden. It’s important that the ground is level, so that means placing it on concrete or decking as a soft surface like grass may not be suitable. Most modern patio heaters are equipped with an auto-shutoff device that will turn off your heater if the unit tilts, so if the ground isn’t level you won’t be able to use it.

When you’re choosing your patio heater you have a choice between an electric or gas version. The advantages of an electric version is the lack of any fumes or emissions, the ability to heat up within seconds and it also won’t accidentally go out if the wind picks up. Gas versions are more aesthetically pleasing, with the benefit of being able to see a nice hot flame while you’re being warmed up, although the downside is you need to buy gas bottles to continue to run it. Style wise both commonly stand as towers (consider getting one that will be easy to move to where desired), although you can get stylish hanging versions or smaller wall mounted versions (you tend to get these in pubs).

If you want to go a bit more traditional you could always try a firepit instead. Fill them with logs and it can give the impression of sitting around a camp fire sharing stories about that wild bear you once fought off in your dreams. Another advantage of a firepit is that some versions can also double up as a grill to cook your food on, giving your barbecue a more authentic feel.

So, whether you’re having a winter party or you’re cooking on a summers day that’s just suddenly got a little on the chilly side, chimineas are the way to go to ensure everyone continues to have a good time (although it can’t stop you from burning the food!).