How To Elevate Your Barbecue

Summer is still here – after all, it’s only September, a month that can produce the most magical weather, so don’t put away your barbecue just yet. Instead, why not plan a magnificent barbecue party?

With a few simple measures, you can really lift your party from being a fairly traditional BBQ to something really quite special. And because it’s not difficult to do, you don’t even need to wait for a special occasion or good excuse to do so!

It’s your garden so you have total freedom to decorate it as you wish – which means you can have some fun by adding lively touches to enhance the atmosphere as well as provide comfort for your guests with a few practical elements.


Fun ideas

Give your garden the “wow factor” by making some decorations to be strewn on the day and putting a bit of thought into the look and presentation of your barbecued dishes.

For example, you could make some bunting. Using magazines or even printed snaps, all you need to do is cut the material into symmetrical diamond shapes and fold them in half over a piece of string or ribbon and glue the backs together. A nice idea is to centre the bunting on your guests, using photos of them for the material, or alternatively just make the cut-outs bright for visual impact.

When it comes to the cooking, no doubt you’ve prepared an array of delicious dishes. You can buy plastic bowls, plates and cutlery in bright colours to add to the occasion, together with matching napkins. Various candles and flowers in vases on the table always look great too, and you can enliven guests’ drinks by adding a twist to standard ice cubes – freeze in advance slices of lemon and lime to add to drinks instead.


Practical ideas

Just because something is practical, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. So keep this in mind as you add means of making the barbecue experience even better for your friends. Lighting and heating are obviously important, especially as the nights are starting to draw in and get a little chilly also. So using a patio heater to provide warmth works well at this time of year, as does having blankets available for those who want to wrap them around themselves after eating. And making warm drinks after the meal works well too – especially if everyone can cook some marshmallows on the barbecue to go with them.

With lighting, you can make your garden look beautiful and also ensure guests can see where they’re going. Lighting paths and dark entrances with outdoor flares is a good idea, as are tea lights in jars on steps or to highlight any raised parts of the garden. Not only do these look charming but they highlight any potential hazards and help prevent guests tripping up in the dark. Hanging lanterns from trees adds atmosphere and scented candles on the table smell nice and help to keep any bugs away too. With all the extra light and warmth, you’ll be able to enjoy the occasion for a lot longer.


If you want to keep warm at a late night barbecue then you could always consider a chiminea.