Where to Safely Stand a Chiminea

Everyone loves the sound, sight and feel of a burning fire but you need to make sure that it’s done in the right place to avoid any unnecessary burns or damage. It needs to be out the way of the main source of traffic around the garden like children playing and animals running (hyperactive dogs more than anything!).

A chimenea should only be placed on a flat, fireproof surface. This should be its permanent home as they are very heavy and after use can be quite brittle. The last thing you want is to pick it up for it to crumble into pieces.

The surface it stands on should be stone or firebricks which should be laid on sand for added security. Never stand them directly on wood or grass and always ensure the surrounding area is clear.

It isn’t always obvious, especially after a few drinks, that a chiminea is hot so make the location somewhere away from walkways and doorways to your home. This should lessen the chance of someone bumping it over and breaking it, or worse burning themselves!

Now it may seem like common sense not to stand it on wood or plastic but it’s also advised that wood or plastic items aren’t near it either. Plastic patio furniture or sheds can easily catch fire or melt after a run in with burning embers.

Take care not to position it underneath anything that might burn either. The heat exhausted from the chimney is also very hot and can easily set low hanging branches alight or at the very least kill the branches.

One of the biggest enemies of both clay and iron chimineas is actually water. When hot water could potentially cause them to explode so make sure to always use the stand provided with a clay type. The other issue that primarily effects iron chimineas is rust, once the paint starts to flake (and it will!) the rusting process will begin. Make sure it’s regularly repainted with heat resistant paint to keep it looking good and to make it last longer.