10 Great Barbecue Seafood Ideas

We used to eat seafood paella all the time at my house and it was always one of my favourite meals. Unfortunately it came out of a frozen packet from the local supermarket, and while it tasted good you can’t really have the same experience as you will have when cooking it for real. Last year I was in London, taking a walk around Covenant Garden, and there was a guy cooking seafood paella on a giant wok with an enthusiastic and drooling audience. We weren’t hungry at the time so we didn’t end up trying any, which I regret now but it’s also part of the excuse to return to London soon – there’s so much tasty food there!

Seafood is actually brilliant on the barbecue, and it’s a big part of my go to summer barbecue selections for something a little different. It definitely makes a change from throwing red meat on the barbecue anyway, and will be a welcome hit with anyone who loves their fish and those that don’t eat meat. We’ve already given you a tasty recipe for grilled sea bass, but here’s 10 more that you can try today to make sure you’ll never go back to the traditional burnt sausage.

These are 10 of the tastiest recipes we could find, prepare to uncontrollably drool!

Seafood Paella

Barbecued Seafood Paella

Since I’ve been talking about paella it would be rude not to include at least once recipe for it. This recipe, by barbecue manufacturer Weber, is one of the best I could find on the Internet. It will take you just over 1 and a half hours to prepare and cook but you’ll be rewarded with a tasty mixture of prawns, thick sliced Parma ham, mussels, various vegetables and a tasty stock with help from the leftover prawn shells. Give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Grilled Lobster Tails

I’ll confess that I haven’t actually tried lobster so I’d be lying if I said I could comment on the taste, but word has it amongst the team at BBQBarbecues that lobster is quite nice and is definitely worth a try. Fortunately this receipe from About.com is really simple and should take less than 20 minutes from kitchen to plate. If you’re new to cooking with fish then this is a nice simple one to start with.

Barbecue Marinated Swordfish

I was a bit hesitant to try swordfish, but when I eventually did I liked it. It’s a meatier fish, so don’t expect it to be soft on the old teeth, but flavoured with a dash of white wine, lemon juice, garlic and soy sauce it introduces a taste to your palette that you’ll be wanting time and time again. Have a look at the recipe here.


Smoky Paprika Salmon with Avocado, Tomato and Jalapeno Salad

While Jalapeno’s nearly blew my head off the first time I tried them I do love them when they’re mixed in with other things, and this recipe from the BBC’s Good Food is a real taste bud tingler! The smoky paprika salmon is a taste you can only get from what I think are two of the greatest things ever put together, but the great tangy salsa on the side gives this one the thumbs up at every summer barbecue.


Mackerel with Sizzled Garlic, Ginger and Tomatoes

I initially wasn’t going to put this on because mackerel isn’t my favourite fish in the world, but upon trying it I realised I just find mackerel a bit boring before it’s been mixed with the awesome flavours that this recipe throws in. It’s got a great Chinese flavour to this, and is perfect for the couple who wants to try something new on their grill.

Quails Eggs

Scallop and Salmon Salad with Beans and Quail’s Eggs

Delicious Magazine doesn’t get its name for no reason, this recipe really does hit the spot. If you’ve never tried Quail’s Eggs then give them a first try when mixed in with something like this, that way if you hate them at least you’ve got the rest of the tasty low calorie dish to chomp away at.

Salmon Burgers with Corn Salad

As an alternative to the good old meaty burger try a fish one instead, and you can’t really go wrong with a salmon burger from Real Simple. This recipe comes with a corn salad, but it’s up to you what side salad you go for. The burgers alone are gorgeous enough, and you may consume so many that you don’t have the room for salad anyway.


Mixed Fish Grill with Lemon Couscous

If you can’t decide on which fish you want to grill then try mixing a few different fishes together instead, like this recipe from Jamie Oliver does. It combines sea bass, red mullet, king prawns and clams to create a dish to will be a real winner at your next barbecue – although unfortunately Jamie himself won’t be popping along to cook it!


Grilled Scallops Wrapped in Prosciutto

I like scallops, and I love prosciutto, so if you combine the two together then surely you’re on to a winner? At least with me anyway, and these from Martha Stewart are the perfect small starters to give people while they’re waiting for the main course – especially given their short cooking time.

Char-grilled Sardines with Lemon and Sea Salt

We couldn’t leave it there without mentioning sardines, and I’ve always thought they’re perfectly made for the grill. There’s nothing too complex here, but the taste of the lemon and sea salt will definitely bring up complex tastes to have a little party on your tongue. Get the recipe from Woman & Home.

As always you need a good barbecue if you’re going to be cooking a lot of food throughout the summer, one that can stand the test of time and any weird combinations you can throw at it. For gas barbecues we’d recommend the stylish Outback Hunter 3 Burner Hooded Gas Barbecue with Free Cover and Propane Regulator.

Images from avlxyz, Ralph Daily, Ruslan and Micheco on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.