Barbecue Doughnuts and Other Weird Barbecue Foods

I’ve always found my experience of going to Denny’s Restaurant in Florida a little strange. We were having breakfast there before heading off to one of the theme parks, and, as is typical of the majority of American restaurants, it was a very filling breakfast indeed. However, the thing I found strange as a British person was the act of putting sweet pancakes on the same plate as the rest of the meal. It doesn’t sound that bad, I’ll admit, but they then follow it up by pouring maple syrup all over said pancakes. This syrup then follows the laws of physics and ends up all over your bacon too. Now these days I’m not immune to sweet and savoury food combinations but back then I didn’t much like it.

Boss Hog Barbecue Doughnut

Now this incident may have just been an unfortunate accident, but looking at TV programmes like Man V Food and the thousands of food websites and blogs out there, American chefs seem very willing to try odd combinations that people may never have even considered eating together. One such example comes out of Texas, where gourmet doughnut maker Gourdough’s Donuts has launched a barbecue doughnut. The Boss Hog (pictured above) is a creation that tops off a sweet doughy creation with pulled pork, a helping of BBQ sauce and potato salad. If that doesn’t tickle your meat-loving taste buds then there’s always the Mother Clucker; which is covered by two fried chicken strips and smothered with honey butter. If anything could ever get the award for ‘Heart Attack on a Plate’ it would be these two creations.

Since we can’t all live inside the catchment area and warm loving embrace of Gourdough’s Donuts, you’re welcome to try the novel combination at home. I think I’ll pass for the moment, but it did get me thinking about other weird barbecue foods. I covered chocolate a few weeks back, but there are other things that you can throw on the BBQ that may strike you as a little weird.



In a similar vein to doughnuts, you can grill cake on the barbecue. It’s up to you if you want to top it off with meat (and I’m guessing a fair few of you might say not to that) but the cake itself takes on a delicious toasty texture and a warm interior when whacked on the gas barbecue for a few minutes. Pound cake apparently works the best, as long as you remember to smear butter on both sides and grill it until it turns golden. You can top it off with fruit, chocolate sauce or ice cream, or you could add a beef steak or a helping of grilled vegetables. Those last two might be an acquired taste!

The picture above is Grilled Lime Pound Cake with Raspberry-Kirsch Sorbet. Get the recipe from CHOW here.

Grilled Lime Pound Cake
Chocolate Banana


This is not overly strange but I’m always amazed at how many people don’t know that bananas are a perfectly good piece of fruit to bang on the grill. Adding some chocolate to a banana that’s had its skin cut open, before cooking them for around 10 minutes, is a tasty experience that I recommend everyone should try.





This is a weird one because we don’t even cook lettuce when we’re not using a barbecue grill. Grilling lettuce gives the edges a crisp and caramelised texture. Just brush it with olive oil, add salt and a bit of lemon juice before grilling it for four or five minutes and turning occasionally. Your guests should appreciate the uniqueness. Well, hopefully anyway.

Made from Scratch has a great recipe for Grilled Lettuce, with the results in the picture above.



Grilled Lettuce
Barbecue Oysters


When you think of oysters you image sucking them straight out of the shell. Grilling oysters is a simple process, largely requiring butter and about 5 minutes of your time. They should pop open when done. However, there is a whole host of other recipes involving oysters that handle the grilling in various ways. Here’s one for Grilled Oysters Rockefeller.





Refer to our post on ‘cooking bacon on the barbecue’ for our tips on getting some sizzling bacon served up on a plate, but here I’ll share something that my colleague Anthony Langston is sure to love. It’s the Bacon Explosion, which is 2 pounds of Italian sausage covered with another 2 pounds of thick cut bacon. This is something you’re not going to want to eat all by yourself, not unless you want a swift trip to the hospital. Shared with guests though this salty treat will be one for the history books; the history of your spectacular successful barbecue creations of course.



Barbecue Bacon

Chocolate Bars

Here’s one for the pure chocolate fans who don’t want any of that pesky fruit getting in the way. Simply take your favourite chocolate bar, wrap it in a tortilla, add some marshmallow fluff and you’ve got the perfect gooey smoky tinged treat.