Barbecue Entrepreneurs Set the Grilling World on Fire

Cowboys and regular citizens in Dallas, Texas will soon be able to enjoy a barbecue on the move and even in the middle of the day at their work if they’re lucky enough to be in the right spot.

That’s because the first-ever dedicated mobile barbecue truck is about to come their way in January 2013. The food truck, named Oink ‘N’ Moo is the brainchild of owner David Hunt who plans to deliver to hungry residents in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Every single cooked item in the truck, says Mr Hunt, is handmade – from the rubs and sauces to the side salads and accompaniments. There’s no microwave and everything will be cooked olde-worlde style. His training and expertise in the skills of home grilling he says came from living next to some of the greatest barbecue joints in the world while he was resident in Austin.

Well, here at BBQ Barbecue News we can’t help feeling very pleased for the Texans but at the same time a little curious to know just when he plans to operate a UK-wide franchise!

Meanwhile, if  Mr Hunt and his mobile van are anywhere near as successful as Famous Dave (Anderson) then they’ll do just fine.

That’s because barbecue has, in fact, made Mr Anderson a millionaire. He was recently awarded a place in the 2012 Entrepreneur’s Hall of Fame in Atlanta in the United States this week for his dedication to the barbecue cause and his philanthropy in setting up a LifeSkills Centre for Leadership programme which aims to help vulnerable children in reservations and inner cities through employment training and life skills.

barbecue chop

In thanking organisers for the award Mr Anderson – who has a mere ahem, 200 barbecue joints now named after him – was quick to point out his American Indian roots, saying his mother and father both grew up on reservations where unemployment, poverty and alcoholism were all a way of life (hence his dedication to his chosen philanthropy cause).

Mr Anderson picked up his passion for barbecue and Southern cooking from his father and they were the first family in their Chicago neighbour to own a barbecue grill, he told guests as the sparkling ceremony.

After spending 25 years concentrating on making his own rubs and sauces, as well as learning to smoke meat on a grill he was finally persuaded by friends to open his own Famous Dave’s restaurant. At the end of the summer his first restaurant, in a small town in the Chicago area, was receiving up to 5000 visitors a week as word of his popular barbecue joint spread.

Two hundred similar barbecue joints later it’s established his barbecue cooking is a success!

The restaurant chain has already clinched more than 600 Best of Class Awards, in addition to trophies and other barbecue contest seals of approval.

“I am barbecue. I am an old school pitmaster. If it runs, walks, flies, moos or oinks then I can barbecue it,” he told the audience.

Mr Anderson attended the event alongside entrepreneurs such as the founders of world-famous outfits Chick-fil-A, Subway and underwear outfitters Spanx.

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