Barbecue Is The Choice Of Masters Champ Charl Schwartzel

This weekend promises milder temperatures and the prospect of sunshine, and if you need yet more incentive to dust off the barbecue and fire up the charcoals then the knowledge that the humble barbecue is the choice of Masters champion Charl Schwartzel should be sufficient!

Professional golfer Schwartzel plans to host a barbecue for his Champions Dinner at Augusta, after winning the 2011 Masters Tournament. He says he wants to do something less formal and as a fan of barbecuing, holding a big barbecue makes sense. However, he is yet to get permission from Augusta officials.

“In South Africa we call it a ‘braai’”, Schwartzel explained. “I like it to be fun and relaxed, with something that everyone will eat. I don’t like very formal dinners. I thought of keeping it very relaxed, sort of standing around a fire and cooking the meat. That’s what I do when I’m home on my off time. Every night I cook meat on the fire. I thought that was something to do.”

kettle barbecue

In the past, the previous year’s tournament winner has chosen the menu for the dinner, and normally the selected cuisine reflects the host’s homeland, the BBC reports.

The golfing pro hopes to host the giant barbecue on the lawn outside the Augusta National clubhouse – normally these events are conducted inside the clubhouse – and he wants to prepare everything himself. On the menu are popular barbecue items like steaks and sausages.

He may be a champion golfer but it seems Schwartzel suffers from the same concerns as the rest of us when it comes to planning our barbecue parties – namely, how much food needs to be cooked and whether the chef can cope or if helpers need to be gathered.

“Only thing that could stop me probably if there’s too many people – then it’s very difficult to do the meat yourself. We’re still waiting for confirmation if it will be allowed, see how it works. The initial response was obviously, ‘We’ll come back to you on that.’ I think it took them quite by surprise, maybe expecting something a little more different or more the way they always do it.”

Let’s hope he gets the official green light!

If you intend to have a barbecue this weekend, you should notice the improved temperatures and with a bit of luck the milder weather will stay for the next few days – if not, you might want to take a look at our tips for staying warm by the barbecue.

So don’t forget to stock up on the essentials like sausages, burgers, chicken drumsticks, fish and BBQ sauces. Plus, home-made kebabs always go down well – you can make these with pretty much any ingredients, from cheese and peppers to chicken and monk fish. And puddings are a must too! Try barbecuing whole bananas in their skins with a few pieces of chocolate placed in a slit in the fruit for a naughty but delicious dessert or making barbecued fruit kebabs for a healthier alternative. If you're not ready for your first barbecue of the season, why not try our great range of gas barbecues?