BBQ Rescue Squads help Sustain Sandy Victims

Americans on the East Coast are hosting a barbecue benefit this weekend to help victims of Hurricane Sandy on the South Beach.

Neighbourhood residents, John Castro and Eric Ortiz are organising the “Giving Back to the Beach BBQ – Charity Cookout” as a means of receiving donations and bringing the whole community back together in the aftermath of the storm.

Hurricane Sandy is believed to have claimed around 100 lives while an estimated six million homes on the East Coast of the States were left without any power during the storm. She also caused destruction to many roads and homes and most notably, flooded parts of the New York underground system.

Operation BBQ Relief, a charity disaster relief agency has distributed nearly 31,000 meals within the first four days of the storm’s passing to the homeless and other victims.

The worst hit areas, where the charity was operating, were Coney Island and Brooklyn, Neptune, New York and New Jersey.

BBQ Rescue Squads help Sustain Sandy Victims

“In the last eighteen months, those of us who have worked various storm disasters for Operation BBQ Relief have seen more destruction than most people will see in a lifetime,” said Jeff Stith, co-founder and co-executive director of the charity.

“But we are all still having a difficult time comprehending the multi-state, widespread devastation we’re seeing from this storm.  Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of New Jersey, New York, and other states who are coping with the aftermath of this storm and re-building their homes and communities.

“Operation BBQ Relief will do whatever we can to provide hot meals to those in need while they begin that process.”

The first idea to provide massive cook-outs for victims of natural disasters was implemented last year, in May, when Operation BBQ Relief cooked around 120,000 meals in eleven days for rescue staff and victims of the tornado which hit Joplin in Missouri. That particular tornado killed 150 people. Meanwhile professional barbecue teams from more than eight states turned up to help with cooking duties in the aftermath.

To date the charity of chefs, cooks and general voluntary staff has served up a grand total of 206,000 meals to victims of storms, floods, fires and tornadoes in 12 states throughout the United States.

Those wishing to donate funding can do so on the charity’s website at

Meanwhile, we wanted to share with you this week a recipe for Pumpkin Nut Bread and shared by the National Barbecue Association of America.

For the ingredients you’ll need to gather plain flour (3.5 cups),  baking soda (2 tsps), pinch or two of salt, one tspn each cinnamon and nutmeg, sugar (3 cups), pecans (1 cup), four eggs, pumpkin (1.5 cups), butter (1 cup) and water (3 cups).

Initially get out your sieve and sift all the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Put in the rest of the ingredients and mix. Grease two 9x5x3 inch pans and pour the bread mixture into them. Place in a 350F pre-heated oven for 60 mins. Allow to cool on a wire rack then add the topping:

2 tbsn butter, melted
2 tbsn sugar
1 tspn cinnamon
Simply stir together the sugar and cinnamon then when the butter is hot and melted brush it over the loaves and sprinkle on the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Enjoy!

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