BBQ Sauce Wars: What’s Your Favourite?

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your delicious barbecued feast, the decision over which BBQ sauce to reach for isn’t always an easy one. Should you opt for a classic barbecue sauce, something spicy, ketchup, mayonnaise or even a cheesy sauce?

Well, the findings of a new report indicate you’ll probably choose brown sauce.

This is because brown sauce sales soared in 2011, whereas red and barbecue sauces sales fell. Yes, it seems more and more of us are falling for the charms of the brown sauce and falling out of love with the allure of ketchup, when it comes to tucking into our favourite foods – whether that is a barbecued sausage in a bap, burger in a bun, or grilled chicken wing.

The report entitled “Table Sauces and Seasoning” by market research analyst firm Mintel, was based on the findings of 1500 consumers.

Tomato sauce is still king of the sauces and accounts for 57% of all sales. However, it did experience a slight fall in sales, of 2%, from £169million to £166million between 2010 and 2011. The brown variety of sauce meanwhile saw a 9% increase in interest, with sales rising from £47million to £51million between 2010 and 2011, and making up 18% of all sauce sales.

Amy Lloyd, Senior Food Analyst at Mintel, said: “Brown sauce has been the surprise star performer of the table sauces market, bucking the downward sales trend experienced by other sauces,” MailOnline reports.

“The rise in sales of brown sauce shows how a traditional product can be reinvigorated and perform extremely well in a market where sales of other products are remaining the same or slipping. New product development shows how brand extensions peripheral to the core brand can attract renewed interest and shift the focus away from relying on promotional activity as a means of engaging consumers and provide buzz around a product.”

But what about the beloved BBQ sauce, we hear you cry? Well, barbecue sauce sales dipped a bit in 2011, having enjoyed a tremendous 2010, with thin sauces including chilli sauce as well as BBQ falling from £36million to £32million between 2010 and 2011.

Total sales of thick and thin sauces decreased during the year by 1%, with sales dipping from £292million in 2010 to £289million in 2011.

Do you agree with the findings of this report? Are you a fan of the brown sauce at a barbecue?

Normally, when you throw a barbecue party, you’ll provide a range of sauces, from the standard brown and red varieties to some exciting home-made concoctions. And of course, this report doesn’t take into consideration the creativity of the average barbecue chef! There’s something irresistible about cooking your own barbecue sauce. This way you can control the spiciness and decide just how much garlic and chillies to include – not to mention cover all the bases in terms of having some sweet, some spicy, some sharp, some mellow, on offer for your barbecue guests by making different sauces.

Plus, especially at this time of year, warm winter sauces do go down a treat – such as rum and chilli sauce or red wine and chilli.

What’s your favourite barbecue sauce?

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