Bizarre Barbecue Flavour Foods

As 2012 draws to an end we take a look back at some of the foodstuffs which this year adopted barbecue as a flavouring.

The main contender has to be soft fizzy drink giants Pepsi who in November entered the ‘crisps market’ with a new offering of the salty fried potato morsel which has been described as tasting “similar to barbecue but with a very sugary aftertaste.”

The Pepsi and chicken flavour crisps, produced by crisp company Lay’s, can only be found in China at the moment – a country where meat is regularly marinated using soda. The seemingly bizarre flavour of crisps to a Chinese citizen would seem perfectly normal and familiar to many individual in the Far East.

Disappointingly a journalist for the magazine Ad Age – who sampled the crisps out of curiosity – wasn’t in the least convinced about the Pepsi flavour of the crisps. He said: “If there’s any hint of Pepsi, it’s fleeting and the crisps definitely lack fizz.”

Richard Lee, PepsiCo’s chief marketing officer in China was, however, delighted with the way the new crisp flavour had turned out.

“We thought it would be really cool to have a cola combined with chicken. It’s a very popular dish in China,” he said. “Also it would be very cool to involve one of our most-iconic soft drinks.”

Past bizarre flavours of crisps that Lay’s have launched in China have become almost legendary and include cucumber or mixtures such as sweet and sour fish soup.

Barbecue Ice Cream


Barbecue milk shake anyone?

But back to barbecue flavour and disturbingly er, ice cream. McDonald’s McNuggetini Mix was a chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka (so far so good) which was poured into a martini glass with a barbecue sauce-rimmed top. A McNugget was stuck on the side for effect (and taste).


Barbecue sauce and ice cream

Lucky residents of Portland in Oregan can look forward to an ice cream with a difference on a hot day. A BIG difference. We reckon it’s fair to say that their Three Berry Barbecue (strawberry, huckleberry and Oregon Marion berry with sweet barbecue sauce) won’t be available to buy anywhere else in the entire United States of America… thankfully.

However, sickening though the thought may be, this is not the first barbecue flavoured ice cream to ever have made an appearance. No, Chip Hearn, who owns Udder Delight Ice Cream House in Delaware, came up with a Barbecue flavour ice cream cone back in 2005, and which he includes in his ‘extreme ice cream range.’

The ice cream in question is called Cackalacky Spice Sauce and is named after a friend’s home made and award winning barbecue sauce.


Make mine a barbecue pop corn

Florida based company The Tin Roof Popcorn Company were keen to capitalise on the Deep South’s love of barbecue, as well as their devotion to the cinema and which is when they came up with their Southern BBQ flavour snack. Those who love it say they can taste tomato, onion, paprika and a lot of hot spices. Er, just toffee flavour for us – thanks!


So if you’re tempted to whip up some bizarre barbecue foods then make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. Our gas barbecue range can be viewed here.