Britons Want Posh Not Traditional Barbecue Food

It seems that the modest sausage or humble burger on the BBQ will no longer cut it for us Brits as research shows we’re ditching traditional barbecue grub in favour of fancier foods.

Forget rustling up some bangers, chicken drumsticks and beef burgers on the outdoor grill as many Britons are turning away from these foods and opting instead for more complicated dishes including stuffed veggies, marinated meats, grilled fish and exotic salads.

Soy sauce producer Kikkoman carried out a study with the findings, reported in the MailOnline, revealing our changing taste buds when it comes to barbecuing.

The research revealed that 22% of Britons cook more unusual meats like duck or venison on the barbecue, 21% opt for exotic foods and home-made salads while 33% cook marinated meats. More than a third (34%) of people concentrate on presentation of the barbecued food while 61% use marinades in a bid to ensure their food is memorable.


A spokesman for Kikkoman said: “There was a time when barbecues would consist of a burnt sausage in a roll, a plain burger with processed cheese slices and a bit of salad on the side. But it seems people are being more creative when it comes to their outdoor feasts and the traditional food no longer makes the grade.”

The study, which involved 1,000 Britons, also revealed that we’re now more likely to take more time and effort when preparing for a barbecue party. So you might want to keep this in mind if you’re planning an Olympic-themed barbecue or inviting friends round for some fresh al fresco cooking this weekend.

“Rather than simply slapping a few burgers on the coals, hosting a barbecue now means taking your time in the kitchen to make sure you produce the tastiest food possible. Hosts are now going the extra mile to make sure their guests enjoy their food by making burgers and salads from scratch instead of buying them ready-made, and marinating fresh meat for hours beforehand.”

The survey not only showed that 58% of Britons are bored of eating the same barbecue foods with 90% enjoying something different, but that we feel quite strongly about the matter.

A BBQ that consisted of just plain sausages and burgers would disappoint 50%, and 20% said they would refuse to go if they knew that no variety was on offer.

And almost a third confessed to getting competitive with the barbecue, trying to out-cook friends and family on the grill.

According to the survey, the most popular barbecue foods are marinated chicken breasts, marinated steaks, meat and vegetable kebabs, potato salad, jacket potatoes, home-made burgers, prawn kebabs, home-made coleslaw, marinated ribs and tuna pasta salads.

So it seems variety must be on the barbecue menu to satisfy the average Briton this summer. Although we’d be surprised if many people simply offered sausages and burgers during a barbecue – barbecues tend to be social get-togethers that can go on for hours, which means there is usually plenty of different meats, fish dishes, vegetarian options, salads, dips and more on offer.

What’s your favourite barbecue food? Do you prefer Gas Barbecues or Charcoal?