Celebrate Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week 2013 By Trying New Types of Bacon!

Bacon Connoisseurs Week

A regular reader pointed out to me that it’s Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week this week, taking place every year from 18-24th March. Given that I absolutely adore bacon I’m aghast to how I didn’t know this day existed before, but I suppose you learn something new every day!

So, what is the Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week? It’s all about quality bacon being made with quality pork, and celebrating the Red Tractor farmers who make all this possible. It’s also about encouraging people to try different varieties of bacon, of which there are over 100 available. I certainly wouldn’t say no to this, but given that I write for a barbecue blog it’s probably not surprising that I want to try new things.

As part of the week they go in search for the finest bacons in the land; creating a list of winners that encompasses supermarkets, foodservice/catering supplier, brands and the good old butchers.

One of the top tips is to buy bacon that features the ‘Red Tractor’ logo, something that we would most certainly agree on. If you buy products with this mark then you can be assured of their high quality, and that they have been produced, processed and packed here in the UK. Thankfully 90% of British pig producers are part of the scheme, so there’s a lot of tasty quality bacon out there!

You can also make the ‘Pork Promise’ on the lovepork.co.uk website. Here you can pledge to give more thought to the pork on your fork and to think about if you’re eating pork that has been produced by farmers who prioritise the well-being of their pigs. You can do all this simply by continuing to buy ‘Red Tractor’ labelled products.

Finally you can use the ‘recipe randomiser’, a feature that gives you plenty of new and unique ways to eat your bacon. Personally I prefer it sizzled on a gas barbecue and then wacked onto some bread, with a good helping of tomato ketchup and a good cup of tea to go with it! If you need a BBQ get yourself over to BBQBarbecues.co.uk.

If you’re still not convinced about how good bacon is then maybe this song will help convince you;