Christmas Gifts For Barbecue Fans

Maybe you know someone who’s obsessed with barbecuing and cooking alfresco. If you do, we’ve got some excellent barbecue-themed Christmas gift ideas to ensure happy faces on Christmas morning.


Barbecue cook books

Now, granted many barbecue fans undoubtedly know how to cook a mean feast at the drop of a hat and with limited ingredients, but even the best of chefs needs a helping hand occasionally.

Cook books are great, especially if you want one on a specialism such as Barbecue Cooking For Vegans or Spicy Barbecue Recipes. Books are often packed with hundreds of recipes and include sauces and side-dish ideas as well as dinner party tips and cooking puddings on the barbecue.


Portable BBQs

For the real enthusiast of outdoor eating, why not buy them a portable barbecue? This way, they can rustle up delicious barbecued food whenever and wherever they like. There is a great variety of portable barbecues to choose between, depending on personal taste and budget. For example, there are portable gas barbecues which are great for camping trips, so-called bucket barbecues which are designed for beach use on warm days, or tabletop portable barbecues.

kettle BBq

Barbecue equipment

Having the right tools can make the job easier and more enjoyable – and barbecuing is no exception. Barbecue utensil ideas include cleaning tools to make wiping down the BBQ post-use a doddle, rotisseries for cooking joints of meat beautifully, pizza stones for barbecuing amazing pizzas, and a barbecue thermometer.



In the winter months, an outdoor heater would surely be appreciated. A patio heater or firepit would make an excellent present this Christmas for all barbecue fans.


Garden furniture

Not that we’re suggesting you should invest in a table and chairs as a present, but gifts like garden lights, garden flares, candles and lanterns are normally well received. You can buy large flares that burn down slowly throughout an evening. Depending on the type of candle or flare you buy, many give off a pleasant fragrance and keep the bugs away in summer too.

The garden would look pretty and sitting around the barbecue in the lit-up garden would add a sense of magic to the occasion. Sky lanterns work especially work at a barbecue party, impressing guests with the light and height achieved.

Another outdoor gift idea is a gazebo to provide shelter from the elements when barbecuing on wet and gloomier days.


Barbecue sauces

A range of bought or home-made barbecue sauces would make a great gift this Christmas. You can buy some wonderful gift sets or get creative and rustle up some of the person’s favourite sauces and dips. The home-made option shows you really put thought into the gift too, and will hopefully provide an excellent reason for being invited to their next BBQ!


Novelty barbecue gifts

For the barbecue chef who has everything or the barbecue enthusiast who appreciates a good joke, how about novelty barbecues gift this Christmas? A funny T-shirt or apron, perhaps, or an original branding tool that lets you brand your food with whatever you like – a statement, name or otherwise.