Fire Safety Tips For Your Gas Barbecue

A barbecue which caught fire in an area of south west Australia has prompted fire chiefs there to issue a special reminder to householders about checking equipment and not leaving it unattended.

The eaves and some of the roof of a house was damaged in the fire after the gas bottle attached to the barbecue was left on in the garden once the owner had gone indoors. The result was a damaged hose, causing gas to leak from the canister.

Fortunately the owner of the barbecue was at home at the time. Both he and neighbours were alerted to the incident after the build up of gas resulted in an explosion, causing a nearby window to be blown out.

A spokesman for the local Fire Brigade which attended the fire, and managed to contain it quickly before any further damage to property ensued, said: “It’s very important before we use our barbecues that we should make sure all the hoses are sound and are not perished.”

The damage caused by the fire was estimated to be around $10,000 Australian dollars. The following should always be borne in mind prior to the setting up of a barbecue, particularly if it hasn’t been in use for some time:


Fire safety tips for barbecues

  • Ensure the gas barbecue equipment is only used under adult supervision
  • Gas cylinders should always be checked before use to ensure there was been no damage while stored for months. Rust for instance is an indicator the cylinder could be potentially hazardous
  • All connections should be clean, fitted securely and double checked prior to lighting the barbecue
  • Never light a barbecue in a windy area or close to wooden fences, garden sheds and other combustible materials
  • Ensure the area where your barbecue is sited is not just well ventilated but is also on level ground
  • Always have a bucket of water sitting near your barbecue, and preferably a foam extinguisher in order to contain fire were the latter to occur
  • Never be tempted to use flammable liquid to light your barbecue and speed up the process
  • Always remember to shut down the equipment after use


In the event you do suspect a gas leak has occurred

Immediately close the cylinder and switch off all equipment, allowing any remaining gas to disperse into the atmosphere.


How to tell if a gas connection is unsafe

This is quite a simple test: spray soapy water on the connections beforehand. Bubbles will form on the areas where gas is escaping, allowing you to identify exactly where the leak is.


New spicy barbecue sauce on the market

Meanwhile, on to happier news, it was revealed this week that popular barbecue sauce Honey Badger is to make a reappearance, this time to appeal to spicy taste buds.

The sauce got its name because manufacturers believe the concoction has an authentic honey taste, yet with a cobra (or habanero) bite. Another factor with a bit of a sting though is the cost – at $60 for a Triple Cobra Strength Sauce it doesn’t come cheap. No doubt the test will be in the taste for those brave enough to try!