For a Classic Event, Choose a BBQ!

Once over, a barbecue was an exciting alternative to tea indoors, with the family taking advantage of the British sun in the garden.

These days the barbecue, whilst still enjoyed informally by families all over the UK, can also be an ideal way to celebrate for even the most up market events.

Weddings: Despite the British weather being less and less predictable as time goes on, many couples choose an outdoor reception after they have exchanged vows. Marquees, topiary, candle light and music on a beautifully maintained lawn provides a perfect backdrop for a romantic function. There is no reason why flavoursome meats, exotic salads, crisp jacket potatoes and delicate kebabs can’t add to the atmosphere of the day.

Evening cocktail parties: A grown up evening with friends or an informal work get-together traditionally involve a hired function room or restaurant, bite sized delicacies (which satisfy no-one’s appetite) and dim lighting. An alternative to the usual affair is a barbeque. A barbecue can be equally impressive and create a talking point for months. Adorn the garden and patio with lanterns, have plenty of seating, music and dress the occasion with deluxe picnic ware and napkins rather than `plastic plates and cutlery.

The surprise party: Anyone who has arranged a surprise party will appreciate how difficult it is to keep the affair quiet. The beauty of a garden party complete with a barbeque is that it can all be put together very quickly. Provisions can be purchase on the day, additional furniture borrow or hired with delivery set for a specific time and garden decoration are cheap and simple to put together.
Whether the event is very formal, for example a wedding or christening or a more relaxed garden party there are important considerations to be reminded of.

• Avoid food poisoning. Undercooked meats can cause salmonella and a whole host of serious and rather unpleasant illnesses. Ensure that meat is properly thawed before cooking and check that meat is cooked through properly. The best way to make sure that everything is cooked adequately is to pre-cook it under a grill and in the over, taking the meat out to finish on the barbeque. This may not be possible for larger events but do remember that food hygiene and safety is of the highest importance.

• Consider alternative arrangements for bad weather. British weather being what it is, there is always a chance that the sunshine may turn to rain. A marquee in place is ideal but is not always possible so ensure that there is space indoors if necessary for shelter and for the event to continue as planned regardless of the weather.

• Keep it safe. As well as ensuring no-one end up in the hospital with food poisoning it would be wise to ensure other aspects of the event are thought through with regards to safety. Consider the area the barbecue is taking place and whether it is flat or whether there are hidden trip dangers. If your event is an evening one, consider whether there is adequate outdoor lighting. The obvious risk of course is burn related. Use the barbeque according to manufacturer’s instructions. If using a catering company, do check that they are experienced barbecue users.

• Keep it simple. The beauty of using a barbeque for any function is in its simplicity. Enjoy a fuss free event that will no doubt be well remembered.


Event Barbecue Top Tip:

For larger events you may want to consider a gas barbecue as they're ideal for longer periods of cooking.