Fundraising with a Barbecue Event

When it comes to raising funds for either a specific event, place, a community project or a charity it may be difficult to think of successful ways to raise cash in an original way. Raffles, balls, and sponsored sporting events all have their place and all raise millions of pounds a year for numerous causes. For those who are looking to raise funds and get people involved you need to look at a more original idea. One such idea would be to host a barbecue.

A barbecue is a much enjoyed event and has become increasingly popular in recent years as not only a back-yard family event but as a gourmet catering solution for corporate events and even weddings. As barbecues can be tailored to fit all food requirements, including vegetarian, they make the ideal event for including a wide range of people.

A community barbecue can indeed be a great way to raise money for an important cause and is very easy to organise. By making the event a ticketed affair you are able to keep track of the number of expected attendees whilst covering costs for food, insurance and any other expenses. By getting local businesses to sponsor or contribute to the event in exchange for free advertising you can also significantly cut costs. The local butcher, pub and grocer can all pitch in with discounted food and tables, chairs, marquees etc. can be borrowed. It is also safe to say that for a fundraising barbecue there will be no end of volunteers ready to help out.

The big pull for a barbecue has to be not only top class food but for there to be entertainment that will have people of all ages willing to give up their afternoon or evening for. Why not look at hosting an XFactor of sorts for local people, include musical acts, a comedian, have activities available for families and children and encourage local businesses to give prizes for a giveaway?

By using local resources and cutting costs without cutting corners the amount of money left in the pot for your chosen cause, after all overheads are covered, will be significantly larger.

It is important as with all public events to ensure that you take local legislation and health and safety guidelines and restrictions into consideration. When serving food a licence may need to be obtained, when arranging a significantly-sized event there must be adequate parking and of course insurance and full attention must be given to making sure that everyone is safe. That said, when these bases have been covered there is no reason why a barbecue fundraiser can’t be a rip-roaring success that is much enjoyed by the whole community.

Everyone loves a barbecue and a community social event so why not use this to build a highly successful and fun fundraiser which can be enjoyed year after year and raise money in a new and original way. If you haven't already got your barbecue sorted, why not have a look at our great range of gas barbecues?