Gas Versus Charcoal Versus Smoker Barbecues?

Barbeques have become an institution which is an important part of any summer experience. The choices in terms of barbeques is endless…and also confusing to some people who are not experienced in the world of outdoor cooking! The various styles of barbeque available on the market have grown exponentially with many useful and unusual models available. From outdoor pizza ovens to smokers and cooking bowls the choice is vast. How to decide then which is the right model for your needs?


Smoker BBQ

As its name would suggest, the smoker BBQ is designed to create that traditional and unmistakably barbequed flavour with as little fuss as possible. Some models are designed to lie flat whilst others to sit upright so that meat and fish may be hung within on integral hooks. Smoker barbeques are usually installed with a firebox which contains the heat. Charcoal and wood are the most traditional fuel for creating that authentic smoked flavour which is so popular.

If you desire a compact model which can be easily managed and used regularly, providing traditionally smoked food then a smoker unit would be the best choice for you.


Charcoal BBQ

A charcoal BBQ is one of the most popular types of BBQ and there are a vast range of different models available to buy. With charcoal BBQs the advantages are that they are simple to maintain and easy to set up. The charcoal needs to be extremely hot before any cooking is done on the grill and once it is a suitable temperature you will find that meat and fish as well as vegetables and fruit cook very quickly. Charcoal BBQs do create an authentic smoky flavour in addition to being simple to use, although extra care should be taken when using one.



The advantages of a gas BBQ are the ease with which they can be lit and the management of the heat is simple…simply turn the gas up or down as needed. This is of course not possible when cooking with an open flame as with charcoal BBQs.

Gas BBQs are as easy to cook on as your gas cooker…the only difference is that they are portable and designed for outdoor use. Many people choose gas BBQs because they feel more confident cooking on easily regulated heat… great for alfresco cooked breakfasts! Some gas BBQs come with a hot plate which are excellent for pancakes, eggs and a range of meats.


And finally….

The main points to remember when choosing your BBQ are how often you will be using the BBQ and what sort of food you enjoy the most. For those who like the traditional smoked flavour which is associated with outdoor cooking, a charcoal BBQ or smoker is the best choice.

Space can also be an issue when choosing which style of BBQ you will get most use out of; for those with larger gardens, a gas barbecue can be a great choice and they usually come equipped with rain-proof covers so that you may store them over the winter months. Smaller gardens will suit charcoal or smoker versions.