Get bang up to date with barbecue fashion

What do you wear when barbecuing?

This summer why not treat yourself to a special barbecuing apron – one that can handle the heat. Today you can buy aprons in specially reinforced material that can withstand the odd spark from the grill. They also have plenty of pockets in which to store your tools such as long-handled forks, a handkerchief (well, it gets mighty hot grilling), your notebook where you’ve pencilled in that secret recipe sauce and even a pair of oven gloves.

Probably the best kind of material for a barbecue grilling apron is sturdy canvas. For men there are a number of self-coloured ‘tactical’ aprons in the shops right now in a variety of manly khaki, denim, cotton twill and black canvas materials. And even if the apron you don is pink well, it still beats barbecuing with your shirt off which NO-ONE should ever do (too painful when it goes wrong for a start!)

If you’re doing the cooking then never, ever wear sandals, especially of the open-toed variety because you just know what’s going to happen don’t you? Yep, that piece of piping hot piece of steak or sausage is going to land square on your exposed feet. Not only that, but it’s not really all that hygienic either! A pair of training shoes, on the other hand, is ideal.

Meanwhile, if you’re a guest at a barbecue, what should you wear then? Rule number one is comfort. No-one wants to be fussing over a new chiffon dress that cost a fortune and is just crying out for a drip of barbecue sauce to ruin it.

Separates are good for a barbecue party. They’re uncomplicated and easy to move around in. Keep your hair simple too by tying it back in a pony tail and always remember to take sunglasses with you (no-one wants to spend half the afternoon squinting at the other guests – for a start, it’s not a good look). Another reason to bring sunglasses with you is to keep smoke going into your eyes and ruining your carefully applied mascara.

If it’s a beach barbecue you’re attending then cut-off shorts are ideal. You can around in them to play Frisbee and it doesn’t matter if you get them wet or covered in sand. They’re also great for slipping over your bathing suit. Foot-wise flat flip flops or trainers are best. And always remember the best piece of sun protection near the water is a hat.

For garden barbecues again, shorts are good or even a long floaty skirt. The latter will look great with a big slouchy jumper on top if your afternoon barbecue goes into early evening when it starts to get a bit cooler. It’s still best to avoid shoes with heels here in case you end up sinking into the grass. Wedges are ideal as they’re sturdy enough to prevent you falling over and smart enough to look dressy.

Meanwhile avoid jewellery – especially clunky costume pieces or long necklaces as they are just going to get in the way. It’s also a good idea to keep the perfume to a minimum – no-one wants to be the person at the barbecue surrounded in a mist of midges or other insects attracted by the sweet sickly smell of the perfume.

Whatever you decide to wear though, the main idea is to have fun, and don't forget to check out our great range of gas barbecues!