How to Create a Spanish Themed Barbecue

A barbecue can be a fantastic affair whether the occasion is a family meal or a more formal event. A Spanish themed barbecue is ideal as when served tapas style families come together to share the taste of the Costa del Sol!


It’s all in the flavouring

Traditionally the meats commonly cooked on a charcoal or gas barbecue would include chicken, beef, pork, sausage, lamb steaks and the like, along with kebabs and some fish. The same can apply to a Spanish barbecue; the difference however is in the flavourings. The Spanish are well known around the world for their clever use of spice and can transform a bland dish into one brimming with flavour in an instant. Experiment with different rubs, peppers and sauces on your usual meats to create an exciting and authentic Spanish dish. Smoked paprika and cumin both feature heavily in Spanish barbecue recipes and are easy to get hold of at any main supermarket. Don’t forget to add chorizo sausage and sardines to the gas barbecue, both of which are a delicious accompaniment to any Spanish barbecue feast.



Salads, burger buns and the usual table sauces are a fond sight at a traditional UK barbecue. A Spanish barbecue may include whole roasted peppers, salsas, frittatas (which are lovely kept warm under the gas barbecue warming rack), fresh breads brushed with oil and topped with grilled flat mushrooms and tomatoes and grilled asparagus. This is not an exhaustive list but just a taste of the mouth-watering accompaniments that can be enjoyed at a Spanish themed barbecue.



Typically the first drink that comes to mind when mentioning a Spanish theme is Sangria. Sangria is a wine punch which contains any number of fruits which vary from recipe to recipe but what does remain constant is that sangria can be a very strong drink. When serving sangria, use tall pitchers and consider using lemonade or a similar soft drink to reduce the kick of the drink, especially if the party is taking place in hot sunshine.

There are many varieties of Spanish wines that are available to enjoy at a Spanish themed barbecue but pitchers of lemonade with plenty of ice and slices of lemon and lime are also very refreshing and hydrating, in addition to being useful to have on hand for the spicy food.


Entertainment and decoration

When the gas barbecue has been put away for the day or evening it is time for the entertainment to begin. Crank up some authentic music and let the dancing begin! The rumba and the flamenco are just two of many authentic and well known Spanish dances and your guests will thoroughly enjoy trying to recreate the steps.

Decorating for a Spanish themed party is quite simple and does not have to be costly. The Spanish national colours as per their flag are red and yellow, so balloons, napkins, bunting and picnic tableware in these colours, alongside props such as a set or two of maracas is all that is needed to create a fantastic Spanish background.

Getting the gas barbecue going and cooking an array of Spanish themed foods, with authentic accompaniments, decorations and music sets the stage for a fantastic event for families and friends to enjoy.