How to Make a Good Barbecue a Great Barbecue

There have been many articles comparing the benefits of the charcoal barbecue and the gas barbecue; however, to date there is yet to be a clear winner. The best depends on the individual as both have their own advantages.

The best way to determine which barbecue is right for you is to examine the features and decide how you as a family or couple use the barbecue on an annual basis.
Top barbecue features to look out for can include:


The griddle

A griddle is often found on a gas fired barbecue alongside the main grilling area. This red hot plate is fantastic for searing meat and fish, cooking accompanying cut vegetables such as peppers, onions and courgettes and a whole host of foods. Provided care is taken that meats are properly cooked through, using a griddle can be a quick and efficient way of cooking a variety of foods at once. Perfect for quick family meals or extras at a barbecue party, griddles are easy to clean and a great feature for those that love their barbecued food.


A warming rack

Both charcoal and gas barbecues can come with a warming rack, which as the name suggests is a place to keep food warm. This is a handy feature when barbecuing a large amount of food to be served at once or for an on-going cooking session where a variety of foods are being prepared, as some meats and fish cook quicker than other. Transferring foods to a warming rack keeps the food flowing and ensures that everyone can enjoy their food warm and moist rather than cold and dry.


A barbecue hood

Found on both gas and charcoal barbecues, a hood can be a great feature for a barbecue as it is a fitted lid that seals in the heat of a barbecue, producing an oven effect which can speed the cooking process. This is ideal for large pieces of meat as it encourages cooking throughout, as a traditional oven does, and can be useful for leaving food to cook slowly, retaining juices, when on a low heat.


Adjustable heat

Commonly found on gas barbecues, this feature can make cooking a variety of different foods much easier. Heat can be turned up and down instantly as it could with a conventional oven or indoor grill, this means that food can be cooked as quickly or as slowly as required. The quick heat up of a barbecue with adjustable heat makes it ideal for impromptu tea times in the garden when the weather decides to play along.