How to Make the Stereotype Work for Your Perfect Barbecue

Last week we were afforded with the most glorious weather, and as my hubby and I treated ourselves to an afternoon off, one thing was on our minds. Firing up the barbecue seemed like the ideal way to celebrate the sun, so off I trotted to the shops to buy bread buns, sausages, chicken and steak.

Surprisingly our local didn’t have the charcoal on display and as they pulled it out of storage, the full queue commented on how their tradition was to never have a barbecue before Easter. With the sun already leaving tan lines on my shoulders I did question this bizarre way of barbecuing. 

I joked and told them that it was simply my way of getting out of cooking for dinner, as something primeval seems to take over a man when provided with flames and meat. However this wasn’t the strange surprise I found – as although we’re not a traditional family – we found that when it comes to the barbecue we all play our roles silently, without fuss, coming together for the feast at the end.

Without a word passing between us, I marinated the meat, made a few light salads and buttered the bread rolls as hubby cleaned and prepared the barbecue. Then when the children arrived home from school, after the initial delight, they set the picnic table with plates and forks along with the family favourite ketchup. With a pint of homebrew at his side, my husband relished the task ahead and as we waited for the meat to cook, we played with the baby and helped with the homework. Finally we all sat down to tuck into the most delicious feast, with only charred chicken wings leftover, and with a belly full of meat we cleared, washed up, and returned to the house as the sun began to set.

It was quite surprising how after only a few years of marriage already we understand our barbecue roles, as although I work whilst hubby takes on the task of main carer and househusband, it seems when the barbecue is involved we revert back to the stereotype.

BBQ Steaks

Although it is wonderful to be a modern career woman, taking a stance against the more conventional way of living as a family, I must admit that relinquishing control of dinner is an absolute joy. Sometimes, despite knowing that women can do the majority of jobs men can, handing over the reins is liberating as we revert to the old fashioned ways.

I’ve always considered it surprising that the Michelin chefs of the UK are mainly men, wondering why on earth more women aren’t at the top of the tree, as in the home, women do tend to cook more often than men. However as I watched hubby carefully turning meat and inspecting it for perfection every two minutes, I realised that men quite simply have a lot more time on their hands than women!

So, grab your gas barbecue today and sit back as your hubby does all the work. It’s the stereotype after all!