How to Mix up Your Habits and Have Sizzling Barbecue Party

Barbecues can often be a last minute affair if the weather seems appropriate, and might be seen as being less up market than other dinner parties, but if the allure of the char-grilled goodness is simply to overpowering to resist, there is no reason why the proverbial duckling cannot be metamorphosed into a beautiful swan. Here are some tips to spice up your grilling habits and make your barbecue an evening to remember for all the right reasons.


Decide whether to have a barbecue theme

Themed barbecue parties are like marmite; when taken to the extreme they can be creative or downright cringe-worthy, and gauging it wrong could mean that half your guests don’t turn up. Yet a themed party does not have to be as indulgent as a costume party if you’re worried about scaring your grandma away, and keeping the food within one theme (i.e. , Indian, African) can make shopping and food preparation much less stressful . Depending on how far you decide to go with the theme, it might be worth investing in appropriate décor and activities, but these should be kept to a minimum unless you can put the aesthetic together well.


Set your mood

If a theme or a dress code doesn’t do it for you, and you want an altogether more relaxed affair, there are other ways to create a memorable atmosphere. Gentle ambient music is great for stimulating conversation, and coupled with a sophisticated array of wines and food and aromatic candles, this could quickly turn the Texan barbecue into a gourmet soiree with a modern twist, and might even be great for a murder mystery evening. Equally, by choosing a karaoke machine and some lively pop music for your party, you set an entirely different mood which promises a night packed with laughter and light-heartedness, and finding playful ways to get involved in cooking on the grill can create a wonderfully interactive evening where people can try new food and take away more than just good memories.


Try new barbecue recipes

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with new recipes at a barbecue party, the world of food is full of delightful textures, colours, tastes and aromas that you don’t need to be Heston Blumenthal to appreciate and explore. Time and again, people opt for traditional favourites such as burgers and sausages because they are safe and traditional, and while there’s never anything wrong with making those available for guests who might prefer them, a barbecue party which offers lots of variety can delight and intrigue guests with a range of new dishes, and expand people’s culinary horizons in a relaxed atmosphere which is neither snobbish nor intimidating. For kids, creating interesting patterns with food can serve to create more interest in food that they might enjoy.
Putting a fresh twist on old habits can really kick your barbecue parties up a notch. From culinary treats to atmosphere everything contributes to the success of a party, and by being bold enough to explore new territory, you can transform a well-loved family tradition into an evening to remember.


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