Keyhole Gardening for a Flavoursome BBQ

Introduced at the Chelsea flower show last year keyhole gardening is now popular amongst many home owners.

This idea explores the psychology behind the home vegetable patch and studies showed that kitchen cooks are more likely to use the home grown veg positioned the closest to their kitchen door, ignoring the vegetables a little further away.

With this in mind experts suggest that everyday staple items such as potatoes and onions should be planted right at the back of the veggie patch, encouraging the gardener to pick other more unusual crops along the way. Vegetable that are often grown but rarely used should be planted the closest to the back door encouraging a wider variety of tastes with each Sunday Roast.

If you are fortunate enough to have a permanent barbecue area in your garden, I urge you to try this method there too. It’s something we as a family have experimented with this year as we’ve just recently moved to a lovely house with a large built in barbecue and patio area that we can’t wait to make full use of.

Around the patio are raised beds and as some are already filled with herbs, we spent the winter planning what we could plant in the spaces, giving us not only more room to grow our home grown vegetables but also giving us inspiration for the family members we have that adore the attending our barbecue Sundays but shock, horror are actually vegetarian!

It does seem as if the previous owner was a little ahead of his time, as there is already a good array of parsley, sage, thyme oregano, a bay tree and many strawberry plants. We have idyllic notions of serving a desert of fresh strawberries and cream when we are finally afforded with the warm weather.

However we’ve also decided that many vegetables are wonderful accompaniments (or main meals for some) to great barbecue meat dishes, and with this in mind we’ve now begun to sow the seed ready for the main event.


We’ve decided on:

  • Courgettes, as sliced and brushed with flavoured oil these will toast beautifully.
  • Aubergines topped with a little cheese this almost tastes like meat!
  • Tomatoes, as nothing tastes sweeter than a freshly picked sun gold. Either barbecued or offered fresh as a salad.
  • Basil, to complement the tomatoes.
  • Sweet corn, although this will take up quite a lot of space we’ve decided it will be worth it.
  • Onions and Shallots, a flame grilled burger just isn’t the same without some crispy fried onions.

To finish we’ve planted permanent crops such as asparagus and raspberries.

We may be dreaming however, we can’t wait until that first sunny Sunday when the family come for a barbecue only to watch their food being picked before served hot only minutes later.

Our Barbecue area also backs onto a cow shed that houses over fifty Friesian bulls. If only we had the stomach for butchery and we could take self-sufficiency to a whole new level!

On a final note, if you still need a grill to get cooking on then check out our gas barbecue range here.