National Barbecue Week – I bet you’ve never heard of that

This year is going to mark the occasion of the 17th National BBQ Week; a bit of basic math will let you work out that this event has been taking place since way back in 1997. Ever since then, the BBQ week has slowly and steadily gained a following throughout the country (despite what our initial survey of 30+ people said) and we’re doing all that we can to spread the word.

Don’t start getting worried that you’ve missed your chance to get the BBQ out… It starts next week. That’s it, wipe that bead of sweat off your brow and continue reading, it’s all going to be okay.

The National BBQ Week commences on the 27th May and concludes on June 2nd. You might have noticed that it starts on the Bank Holiday Monday; you couldn’t call it better – a bank holiday and a national BBQ week. Is there any better reason to bust out the grill? Probably not, so if you need a gas barbecue check out our range at BBQbarbecues.

Last year marked one of the biggest BBQ weeks so far, with over 3 million (3,000,000 – look how huge that number looks) barbecues being held in those seven days alone. Whilst the awareness week was partly to thank for that, the weather also played a huge role as temperatures were settled nicely in the 20’s. Not only that, but the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was also just around the corner and this gave people an excuse to have a ‘practice session’ for the big day – any reason to get the barbecue out, you know us Brits!

I’m willing to put a lot of money on people grilling a large amount of chicken, sausages and burgers over the coming week and don’t get me wrong, everyone loves the staple foods of a BBQ, you can’t go wrong – but don’t you want to be a bit more daring? Don’t you want people to remember your BBQ as the one that wowed them? 

If that’s not enough, you could also check out the National BBQ Week site for some more recipes and even a couple of fun facts to dazzle your guests with. See how awesome we are? We’re helping you create the most memorable barbecue ever… You’re welcome.

Make sure you give this a thumbs-up and share it with all your barbecuing buddies and get the word out. We want this to be the biggest year ever and hopefully you’re going to be a part of it!

National BBQ Week