Refreshing Spring BBQ Drinks

The weather may not be wholly reliable at the moment but one thing’s for sure – spring is here and that means lots of lovely barbecues on the horizon, so it’s time to plan ahead for some truly delicious BBQ drinks.

If you plan to throw a barbecue party over the coming months, and there are a few bank holidays too which are particularly good for gathering friends and family over, we have some tasty drinks ideas for you to try.

No doubt, you’ve already thought about the barbecue dishes you’ll cook on the grill. But drinks play a part too and can really add to the party atmosphere. After all, if you’ve prepared a mouth-watering spread of kebabs, salads and fresh barbecue dishes, an array of flavoursome drinks will complement the feast.

spring bbq

The really great news is barbecue drinks don’t have to be time consuming, and can be rustled up on the day on the BBQ or even just before guests arrive – as long as you have the ingredients to hand, of course.

To get you started on the spring drinks front, we have a few ideas for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are simply delicious.


Alcoholic spring BBQ drinks

You can play around with these recipes, mixing and matching flavours according to personal taste, but we recommend you try these recipes first – you won’t know how much you like them until you do!


Boozy lemonade

The traditional lemonade with a twist is fun and has a real kick too. To make up a batch for your barbecue guests, you’ll just need the juice of one lemon, a bottle of lemonade, a handful of mint, a sprinkle of sugar and 60ml of gin.

Mix the lemon juice, lemonade, gin and sugar in a large jug and decorate with the mint. This barbecue beverage is best served over ice cubes, and soon after it’s made.



Everyone loves this fruity fizzy number, and it’s so simple to make. All you need is some Prosecco and peach juice. Pour the peach juice into a glass, approximately a third, and then top up with Prosecco.


Non-alcoholic BBQ drinks

If you’re throwing a lunchtime BBQ party, you may find lots of takers for soft drinks instead – and of course, these drinks are always popular with children and designated drivers.


Traditional lemonade

This lemonade is really sharp and tastes nothing like shop-bought lemonade, but is incredibly refreshing on a warm spring day. To make, squeeze the juice of 4 lemons and mix in a food processor with 175g of sugar, before serving over lashings of ice cubes.


Fruit punch

Appealing to fans of cocktails as well as those who love fresh fruit juices, this fruit concoction certainly packs a punch!

The night before your barbecue party, place 100g of cranberries in a shallow container, cover with water and place in the freezer. Then on the day itself, mix 100ml of cranberry juice, 500ml of blood orange juice, and the juice of one lime in a big jug. To serve, break up the frozen cranberries and add to each glass with a slice of orange and slice of lime and sprig of mint, and add the fruit mixture. Save some room at the top of the glass for some sparkling apple drink, to add a touch of fizz as well as sweetness to the fruit punch.

All your drinks can be served alongside the more traditional beverages including water, pop, beer and tea.

What’s your favourite spring BBQ drink? Try combining it with a gas barbecue for an easy going night.