Levi Roots – The King of the Barbecue

There are few people in the UK who have never heard of Levi Roots. Levi made his unforgettable début on the much acclaimed Dragon’s Den show back in 2007. He instantly captured the hearts of the public, and clearly the hearts of the judges too. Now, his jerk sauce can be seen in a variety of supermarkets and stores and his product range has extended far beyond anything that could have been expected in just five years.

From cooking sauces and snacks to ready to cook flavoured meats and relishes, it is hard to imagine a barbecue without something from the well-known celebrity chef standing by.


Reggae Reggae Chicken Burger Recipe


  • (To serve four)
  • 4 chicken breasts, without skin
  • 8 thick smoked bacon rashers
  • 4 large baps (oven bottom ones are ideal)
  • Levi Roots mild Reggae Reggae sauce
  • A selection of lettuce leaves, sliced red onions and thinly sliced tomatoes



Use the mild reggae sauce as a marinade to create a uniquely flavoured chicken burger. Slice the chicken breasts open, but not quite into separate pieces and coat.

Wrap the coated chicken breasts in cling-film and refrigerate for thirty minutes.

Once properly marinated and infused with flavour cook the chicken breasts through, turning occasionally on the barbecue, ensuring that they are properly cooked through.

While barbecuing the chicken, cook the bacon at the same time. Be aware that bacon cooks very quickly so keep an eye on it and remove it before it gets too crispy.

Layer up the lettuce and sliced tomatoes before adding a chicken breast, two rashers of bacon and red onion.

There are several relishes in the Reggae Reggae range that could be served alongside or on the top of the bun fillings if so desired.

Serve with a large mixed salad or perhaps some tasty summery pasta. Fruity iced soft drinks would accompany this meal perfectly.

For those who just can’t wait for the chicken burgers to be ready there are plenty of Reggae Reggae inspired snacks that can be served and enjoyed by all.


Levi Roots History

Levi Roots has made a name for himself with his excellent sauces and food ranges and all of them work well with the barbecue. The barbecue has become increasing popular in the UK for impromptu family meals and even more formal events. The Reggae Reggae range would work well alongside a charcoal or gas barbecue at any of these and be a talking point for all.

Levi’s larger than life personality and easy grin are part of his charm and are what makes him so well-known and likeable. His recipes have a charm of their own as anyone who has tried the Reggae Reggae range with their barbecued food will tell you. The much loved taste and texture of both meats and fish that have been barbecued work perfectly with the combination of ingredients that Levi has introduced us to.

It really is really no wonder that so many people refer to Levi as the King of the Barbecue.

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