Ribs Are The New Barbecue Craze!

Barbecued ribs are the latest food sensation currently sweeping the streets of London – have you fallen for them yet?

Ribs New Craze

Ribs cooked on the barbecue and served with a variety of hot and spicy sauces are proving a sensational hit in the city this summer, with local vendors serving freshly smoked ribs fresh off the grill, and all sorts of rib parties planned for the coming months.

One popular rib venue is the Ribman who frequents Brick Lane in London every Sunday, famous for his “racks of smoking baby back ribs and the piles of slow cooked rib meat,” according to thisislondon.co.uk

The secret to a tasty barbecued rib is using quality meat and flavoursome sauces. Recently, the beauty of barbecued ribs has been celebrated in the country’s Ribstock 2012 which organiser Jonathan Downey described as “somewhere between a food rave and a village fête”.

At the event, which took place at the end of April, ten of the UK’s best barbecue restaurants and chefs took part, cooking barbecued ribs in ten different ways to try and impress the public – and the panel of judges. There were six different chilli sauces too.

Mr Downey said: “I don’t know why it’s taken so long for people to realise the rib thing. I’ve always ordered them. It’s hard to get a rib wrong. It’s usually a safe bet and there’s a lot of scope for creativity.

“I thought Opera Tavern did amazing things this year as did Ben from Lucky Chip, who is normally known for his burgers. And everyone loved Cattle Grid’s ribs. Redhook’s (the winner) was a very classic rib in the end — a meaty rib from a fantastic supplier cooked in a semi-spicy BBQ sauce. That’s kind of what people want and this is all about getting everyone involved.”

Whether you’re an experienced al fresco rib chef or intrigued to try barbecued ribs, here’s a quick and delicious recipe to try for your next barbecue party. All you need are the ribs (depending on people numbers we’d suggest around two racks or 1kg of short pork ribs), some spices and barbecue sauce. Firstly, run a knife along the ribs, between the membrane and each rib to remove as much of the membrane as possible. Next, mix a tablespoon of chilli powder, ground cumin, and paprika, and some salt and pepper together – varying the spices and quantities according to how hot you want the sauce to be! – and sprinkle it over both sides of the ribs.

Once the barbecue is hot enough, wrap some foil loosely around the lower ends of the ribs to capture any drips and place on the upper shelf of the BBQ. Reduce the heat to low and place the lid down, and cook for one hour.

After an hour, brush the ribs with lashings of barbecue sauce and grill for a further 5 minutes before serving. You can either separate the ribs into a big pile or let guests help themselves from the racks.

Ribs make a fun, tasty addition to any charcoal or gas barbecue. Are you a barbecued rib fan?