The Biggest and Most Expensive Barbecues Your Money Can Buy (Or Not!)

Let’s be honest; most of us just want a simple standard barbecue grill when it comes to choosing something we’re going to be cooking our sausages on this summer, which is why the standard gas barbecue and simple charcoal barbecues remain our biggest sellers on BBQ Barbecues. However, sometimes you may want a little more ‘oomfph’ from your barbecue, and we do have a few options that cover that as well, but there’s a world of other barbecues out there that are getting outrageously big and packing a massive amount of technology into them. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The Fuego Infrared Grill is superbly designed by the former Director of Industrial Design at Apple Computer Robert Brunner. Coming from such a background you’d expect a sleek and stylish number, and you do get that, but a good looking grill is nothing if it doesn’t do the job of cooking particularly well. The electronic control panel gives you access to infrared, electric, charcoal, propane or natural gas cooking; as well as readouts from its built-in thermometers. It also has a modular design, giving you some leeway with where and how you can set it up. At just shy of $3,000 however you’d have to be pretty serious about barbecues to purchase one of these.

If that wasn’t expensive enough here’s one that costs you even more, although it’s not hard to see why this would empty your bank account (or about 10 in my case!). The Fire Magic Echelon E1060 has enough space to cook enough meat to invite the whole street to your barbecue, with its 48 x 22-inch cooking area enough room to cook 200 hamburgers. The four burners also cook up quite an inferno, with 128,000 BTUs of raw cooking power to sizzle those sausages, but you won’t burning them with a built-in thermometer, meat probe and timer. All that costs you nearly $11,000, proving that the Americans really love their barbecues!

For a truly delicious cook try using a gas barbecue.