The Guide to the Crucial Sauce Company

The Crucial Sauce Company claim in their company mission statement that it is the nations’ best kept secret; they are not too far from the truth. Chances are if you have scoffed down a kebab at any point in your life or asked for mayonnaise on your cheese burger at the local takeaway, then you will have tried the taste sensation that is Crucial’ Sauce. The passionate company is popular with food caterers up and down the country and have recently begun releasing their range of sauces to the public after increasing interest. These sauces can now be found in so many places that by now the secret is definitely out.

Crucial Sauce

Who Are They?

The company originally began in 2001, dreamt up by 3 very enthusiastic food lovers in the City of Birmingham. Rapid progression quickly followed and they soon found themselves having to expand their operations from a 1,000 square foot site to a huge and very impressive 30,000 square foot unit. Thanks to their expertise in the field they don’t just stop at sauce. By assisting other companies to develop packaging and their own range of sauces it has become very apparent that this company is not one to be taken lightly.

We are going to review some of our favourite sauces and hopefully by the end you will discover exactly how they have earned their reputation for creativity amongst customers and their competitors.

So without further ado, let’s start with our favourite squirt – Spicy Mayo


Spicy Mayo

A southwest American style mayonnaise; lightly spiced with garlic, chillies and peppers.

Our Verdict: One of the finest sauces available today on any market, its diversity as a sauce is second to none and rumours of its uses extend way beyond covering a burger or using as a dipper with nachos. Covering fajitas or even tortellini pasta with this sauce is just one of a few favourites of our staff.


Yoghurt & Mint

A creamy, smooth yoghurt and mint dressing that gives off a nice sweet flavour.

Our Verdict: This sauce is perfect for the barbecue or for using as a dipper with Indian meals. We have also used it with salads too.


Garlic Mayonnaise

Yet another entry into the mayonnaise category; this is a popular creamy garlic sauce. The list is quite possibly endless for the uses of this wonderful mayo.

Our Verdict: Chips, chips and more chips; it’s also very nice to use with Tuna pasta and Sweetcorn. In fact we have had this on so many things the list goes on and on and on.


Barbecue Sauce

A smoky BBQ sauce that acts as the perfect accompaniment to all food types. Smother it on your chips or chicken and get one of the nicest flavours on the market.

Our Verdict: Some barbecue sauces can leave a bitter aftertaste. However, we were very impressed with this one and its serving of small reminders of the Jack Daniels Variety.


Extra Hot Chilli

A very tangy sauce that comes with a heat rating of 4 – basically meaning it is super-hot! It’s the perfect way to add a bit of a kick to savoury foods.

Our Verdict: For those of us brave enough to start experimenting with heat in our food, this is not the best place to begin. Thankfully we love a bit of spice and this will truly get your tongue into gear – if you’re up to the challenge!


Limited Editions

From time to time the research and creation team at Crucials’ comes up with a pretty fab new flavour to release to the public.

Last year saw the arrival of 4 new flavours; Mint & Chilli, Jerk BBQ, Sour Cream & Chives and The Nations Favourite Sauce, which was designed to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

These sauces don’t hang about on the shelves for long and, sadly, some people never get to try them. As such it’s worth keep an eye on the Crucial’s website to see what new flavours are currently on the market.

We could truly go on all day about all of the wonderful sauces they make at Crucial’s but this article would become so large it wouldn’t fit on our blog. Joking, of course!

If you have an experience that you would like to share with us about Crucial Sauce then why not let us know in the comments below.


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