The New Barbecue Cooking Spray from Fry Light Makes Barbecues the Slimmer’s Choice

Fry Light have long since been known amongst the dedicated slimming circles for producing low calorie cooking sprays which allow the dieter to enjoy traditionally fried foods without ruining the healthy eating plan. The cooking sprays, available in a variety of ranges cost approximately £129 – £2.39 dependant on the store and the offers available and are a great way of eliminating the use of fatty oils when they are unnecessary.

The newest item in the Fry Light range, released in early July across a number of Tesco and Sainsbury supermarket stores is the barbecue and grilling cooking spray. This one calorie per spray cooking oil is a combination of an oil for cooking and a smoky barbecue flavouring.

Rather than replace the need for the use of a barbecue as a cooking method, the Fry Light barbecue and grill cooking spray adds to the barbecue experience allowing dieters and those striving for a healthier way of eating to enjoy the traditional barbecue without any of the guilt that comes with eating foods made with oil rich marinades and sauces.

This Fry Light cooking sauce is very economical too. Just fives sprays on both sides of a chicken breast will be enough to flavour your meat and stop it from drying out. The spray can be used throughout cooking for adding extra flavour.

Chicken is not the only meat that can benefit from the use of this fantastically convenient flavoured cooking spray. Pork, chicken or even king prawns can be loaded onto skewers alongside chunks of courgette, peppers, onions and more prior to hitting the barbecue for a tasty low calorie kebab alternative.

In addition to the usual meats there are other barbecue foods that can benefit from the new Fry Light barbecue and grilling spray. Corn on the cob which is fabulous cooked over a low heat barbecue or on a griddle tastes divine when first sprayed with the smoky barbecue spray. Basically, any food that you would consider marinating or coating in oil prior to adding it to the barbecue can be enjoyed with this healthy and tasty alternative.

Many people turn away from barbecued food when trying to lose weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle, wrongly assuming that barbecued food can’t be enjoyed without guilt or weight gain. Meat is a valuable part of the everyday diet and there are few ways of cooking a meal that are better for you than barbecuing. By replacing calorie-laden sauces and marinades with alternatives such as the new Fry Light barbecue cooking spray you can help your barbecue get-together guests enjoy the full barbecue experience. This has got to be preferable to watching them hovering over the salad table all day, starving hungry but determined not to “cheat”.

Slimming aside, the Fry Light range can be enjoyed by anyone as an alternative oil or flavouring spray.

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