Three Amazing Homemade Barbecue Grills

For the majority of people a pre-manufactured quality barbecue from websites such as will suit their needs just fine. People are after ease of use when they opt for one of these, because nobody wants to spend ages trying to set up a barbecue when their guests are waiting to chomp on some sausages. However, for others it’s a completely different story. These are the people whose creativity clashes with the desire to have a good barbecue, but instead of rushing out to buy a new grill they instead opt to create their own. The result can end up something like one of these three amazing bbq creations, creations that look so different from your average grill that you’d be forgiven for being surprised that these can actually cook meat.

Barbecue Chopper

Our first creation answers the need for cooking up some juicy steaks on the go, and the result is the Barbecue Chopper. Created by Discovery TV show American Chopper this great bike was made for the owner of RUB, a barbecue restaurant in Manhattan that unfortunately shut up shop earlier this year. Not only does this BBQ Chopper feature a smoker sidecar but is also fully working – so you can be smoking up some tender meat while you’re riding it to wherever bikers tend to go these days (unfortunately it isn’t actually road legal so you couldn’t do that anyway, although it is thankfully legal as a BBQ). It would definitely be perfect for biker meet-ups anyway, and save the need for transporting an extra barbecue grill. Plus it looks like it has a decent amount of space to be able to feed plenty of hungry bikers.




Finally we have a barbecue grill that completely embraces the trend for Steampunk that has turned everything from fashion to computers into Steampunk themed variants. This is easily the best designed of the three and looks absolutely gorgeous, taking the shape of a small locomotive and part of a train track. Created by a group of metal workers in Russia the Steampunk locomotive barbecue grill is apparently constructed using scrap automobile, motorcycle and train parts and includes two 60cm-long grilling pits in the main body of the locomotive and an attached trailer that acts as the stove. To top off the intricate attention to detail the wheel in the cabin operates the spit, so you can pretend you’re driving a train when you’re really cooking beef burgers. It also doubles as a smokehouse, equipped with three smokestacks and a recommendation to use birch or oak logs for that extra barbecue flavour (although charcoal can be used).

We can’t wait to see what comes next, but if you’re just after a standard well equipped gas barbecue grill, food smoker or move then head over to BBQbarbecues for tasty barbecued food.

Steampunk Locomotive Grill
Death Star Barbecue Grill


The force is strong with the next creation, although thankfully it doesn’t sound like it could with a packet of Lockets. The Death Star Grill fortunately doesn’t burn your food to a crisp with a deadly superweapon just because it can, instead it is made from two standard Weber barbecue grills and combined to create the ultimate Star Wars fans barbecue dream. The creator, Bryan A. Tate, reckons it can heat up to 500 degrees thanks to safe barbecue paint on the inside and engine enamel on the outside, and comes complete with handles shaped like fearsome Star Destroyers. Unfortunately he’s now sold the grill to someone on eBay, but it’s not totally out of the realm of creating it yourself if you that big of a Star Wars fan.