Use your Barbecue during the Big Spring Clean

Weather forecasters are predicting that by the end of this week we will be enjoying temperatures usually synonymous with summer. This is fantastic news for those of us who spend this time of the year chucking out the chintz and making sure dust doesn’t float in the rays of sunshine that penetrate through the windows.

Cleaning the oven at this time of year can seem more difficult than usual. As over winter we partake in the great British menu relying on our cooker to slowly cook stodgy feasts such as stews, soups and roasts.
However with the promise of perfect sunny days, this task can be made super simple by harnessing the power of the barbecue.

Using the barbecue on these hot sunny days you can not only enjoy the tastes of summer, you can also give your oven a much needed rest as the power of your chosen oven cleaner has that little bit longer to remove the stubborn baked on foods that are impossible to shift by ordinary scrubbing.

For women, however sexist it may seem, this will also give a much deserved rest as the reigns can be handed over to the man of the house as he fires up the barbecue for the first time this year and revels in the caveman quality of life it creates.

When we view the day from an office window, we sometimes don’t believe the signs. The sun maybe shining and the air maybe still however being used to sub-zero temperatures we refuse to believe that this is anything but a cold winters day. By forcing ourselves to step out into the garden we can enjoy the delights of spring and relax in the warmth knowing that summer is well on its way.

It’s also a well-known fact that over 50% of women suffer from varying degrees of SAD over the winter. Dark days and little sunlight lead us to slight to chronic depression that affects our everyday lives. Just a few hours in the sunlight absorbing the natural Vitamin D gives us the boost we need to snap out of this lacklustre mood quite literally putting a spring in our step. This complete cure for the Seasonal Affected Disorder utilizes the benefits of light to give us more energy and to release endorphins that have been holed up in hibernation for too many months.

Basically the barbecue has it all, brain boosting properties, mood enhancers and an incentive to socialise in the sun. Finally those New Year’s Resolutions can come to the fore as you feel instantly energised and ready to take on the world.
However with the arrival of the New You and the scent of summer in the air, you may not be expected to cook, but be warned, you may be nominated as chief salad maker and washer upper! Cleaning the barbecue straight after cooking will ensure you don’t have to exert the same effort as you do for your oven and who knows maybe you’ll repeat the process again, keeping your clean cooker sparkling for longer!

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