Which Barbecue is Right for Your Alfresco Night?

There are many types of barbecues on offer and the increasing variation can leave some wondering which barbecue is right for them. Knowing a little bit about each option can help you to decide on the barbecue that will hopefully last you for quite a few good long summers.

Gas Barbecues

These are seen by some as cheating, as essentially they operate just like a kitchen oven however are adapted to use bottled (LPG) gas and so can be used outdoors. They are however the ultimate in barbecue convenience, with adjustable settings and instant ignition. You will find these are more substantial than other barbecues, being heavier especially when the bottled gas is added, so they are not ideal for moving around. When buying check how easier they are to clean and the capacity as some larger models can easily cook a turkey- handy if the cooker blows up over the festive period!

Charcoal Barbecues

The more traditional type of barbecue these are a lot cheaper than the gas barbecue however they are also less convenient. Some prefer them as they believe only a charcoal barbecue will give the smoky flavour to the food been grilled, yet cleaning can be tiresome. There are advantages as nothing smells better than a charcoal barbecue and this is the one that will have neighbours salivating wishing they’d thought of the al fresco dining themselves, however you do need to light the coals a good hour before you intend to cook. By their very nature they can become quite smoky, so bear this in mind with the positioning, so you don’t upset any passing traffic or add a subtle fried chicken taste to the neighbours washing!


These are a wonderful Mexican way to cook food in a clay oven and specialist retailers will be able to supply you with grills to fit.


There are now barbecues that do everything bar clean themselves afterwards. The most popular is the smoking barbecue. Using a range of briskets from apple wood to pecan these smoke meat before you grill it giving a true American taste. These are more expensive as they are relatively new to the UK but well worth the expense.

DIY Barbecue

Building your own barbecue is quite simply using the charcoal method. You need to decide on a permanent site as it will be stationary forever more. The size of your build depends on the grill you buy, and your construction will form around this. You can also use a built in barbecue kit to use as a template.