Landmann Barbecues

Landmann Barbecues were founded in a town named Osterholz-Scharmbeck back in 1966, Landmann introduced barbecuing on a large scale to the German domestic market. Even today it’s still a family run and owned business and since 1966 they’ve designed and marketed user-friendly, high-quality bbq and general garden products.

  1. Landmann Charcoal Barbecues

    Nothing produces a better flavour than cooking over some glowing hot coals. Discover the perfect Landmann Charcoal barbecue here and inspire the inner gourmet chef in anyone.

    From £21.21
    with 8 choices

    Landmann Charcoal Barbecues
  2. Landmann Gas Barbecues

    Gas barbecues are becoming increasingly popular with all types of consumer. With their fast heat up times and extensive features Landmann Gas Barbecues are at the top of their game.

    From £74.02
    with 3 choices

    Landmann Gas Barbecues
  3. Landmann Barbecue Accessories

    You can have a great barbecue but without the right tools things can go wrong. Peruse the Landmann Barbecue Accessories to make sure you have everything you need for delicious grub.

    From £7.75
    with 6 choices

    Landmann Barbecue Accessories
  4. Landmann Barbecue Covers

    The barbecue is over and the grill is finally clean. All you need to do is wrap your Landmann barbecue up in it's cover to make sure its pristine for your next event.

    From £27.95
    with 5 choices